In reading my day’s devotion, I came across this quotation by Matthew Henry:

“Nothing in Scripture is written in vain.” (Commentary on 1 Corinthians 10)

Nothing in Scripture is vain.  I’m sure, like the rest of you, when reading the Bible for the first time and came to the “begats”, probably skipped those chapters, even looking ahead to see how many there were, so we could get to the normal passages again.  How many of us are guilty, too, of skipping over those parts dealing with the measurements of the tabernacle or temple?  How many of us chose to skip those chapters dealing with the sacrifices, or the numbering of the various tribes?  And, how many of us skipped those verses which named the kings both of Israel and Judah?  Too cumbersome to read and what purpose did all of that serve anyway?  Well, more than you might think!

I became convicted about five years ago as I’m doing my customary annual reading NEVER to skip verses again.  If I ever felt the need to bypass anything, it would be best to put the book down, or in the case of modern technology, my tablet/mobile/laptop down and take a break and do something else, because when I returned it would be necessary to read those Scriptures, too, and to do it very carefully.  Why?  Because, it is assured, “Nothing in Scripture is Vain”.

Paul said it best when he said,

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” 2 Tim. 3:16

Did you catch the keyword:  “All”.  And “all” means ALL.  There is nothing wasteful about anything God has given us.  As I am doing my study regarding end-time events, I’m becoming more aware how even the very number of the kings of Israel has bearing upon our understanding of prophecy!  Who would have ever thought?  Had it not been for those men, and women, who were led to understand the importance of “ALL SCRIPTURE”, so many of us would have gone right by the important things and miss these crucial and valuable points.

If nothing else, it is indicative of the God we love and serve.  How He pays strict attention to ALL the details involving His worship, His love and care, for us, and there is nothing which escapes His view nor our benefit.  Although, we may not necessarily understand how those parts of Scripture we find unnecessary or too cumbersome to read and understand, we will never have the opportunity to learn if we don’t at the very least read them.  It is for certain we can never claim we didn’t know because it is right there, right in front of us, but we chose to not pay any attention when we needed to do so.

Let us from this point forward take into account what God has given us is important enough for us to try and learn why.


February 8, 2017