Noah preached a message which was met with condemnation.  He spoke how God was going to destroy the world.  Well, that’s not too crazy a concept, in our time, because we have the benefit of the Bible which makes it plain how God will destroy this planet.  However, what WAS crazy about Noah’s message was the method to be used to be saved from being destroyed.  A boat being constructed in the middle of arid land.  Now, rain had never been seen before until then and it wasn’t “until then” when it happened, sadly to say, millions of people, including children, animals and insect life was destroyed, just as God said He would.

The Bible states clearly what occurred in Noah’s time will be an indicator of what will occur in our time.  So, for me, it’s been helpful to study Noah and his message and make the comparison with today.  I mean, out of the obvious nut cases regarding those religionist who for the sake of being different create some strange ideologies, but for the most part, those which are “sane” in their message, speaking from a sense of grouping, I don’t see any strange message coming from today’s Christian faiths.  None, except for this one group of people called:  Adventist.

Noah preached a message of being saved, salvation, by a boat, an “ark” if you please.  Adventist preach a message of being saved, salvation, but by a vehicle which is found in an Ark, called the Ten Commandments, but more specifically the 4th one about the Sabbath.  Now, isn’t that strange when you compare Adventist with other Christian denominations and those denominations which consider themselves non-denominational, which in a sense, makes them a denomination! Say that ten times fast.  Go figure.

So, you’ve got these people, Adventist, which totally does a strange thing than any other church by their attending worship on Saturday and keep the WHOLE ENTIRE day holy, versus nominal (first day – Sunday) worshipers who keep a couple of hours in some semblance of holiness, well, until they get home and the games come on.  Who won’t go shopping on the Sabbath, unlike Sunday worshipers who’ll hit the store, mall, and any other place of their choosing.  Yeah, those Adventist sound pretty strange to me.  I guess that’s the reason why I am one!

If Noah was strange then Adventists are just as strange.  The world saw how they were wrong and didn’t listen to Noah, and I’m afraid, not so much the world because they’re already lost, but those who claim to be Christians will find themselves lost because they hadn’t listen to the message of salvation, which is found in the Ark of the Testament, the Ark of the Covenant, The Gospel, found in the 10 Commandments, which points to a particular Sabbath which is the separator of God’s people from those who think they’re God’s people.  Yep, call me strange, but I see where this is going.

I’d rather be considered strange, a cult, a whatever you wish to label me, but don’t be trying to hold onto my feet when Christ comes and you can only see the bottom of my shoes.  I’m going home.  Where are you headed?


August 21, 2014


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