…and no trying to justify yourself because you will not be facing forward.

This is what I saw being portrayed on CNN International, last night, as I can imagine is probably being done on the other news sources, probably the media in print, and what many of you are doing on social media.  You’re trying to see where “you” went wrong in your thinking regarding the 2016 Election.  This explains, too, why many who cannot accept what is needful for acceptance and rioting takes place.  Never in the United States has rioting had any affect upon the political process and selection of president.  We are not South America and the continued protesting will only spur those who selected him and the one selected into a much more feared position.

I was amazed how I the pundits and “talking heads” in order to salvage any credibility now proffered excuses as to what they said and so strongly before and proven wrong.  Many of you are doing the same!  Again, and I repeat, too many of you were voting with your heart and not your brain.  You are too busy looking at your family and friends, racial stuff, your employment and home.  You are wanting the status quo to continue, but bettered not realizing the time in which we are living.  You are wanting your governing body to be in consideration of you.  And it is such thinking which sets you up to be blindsided, as obviously you were, with regards to endtime events.  THESE ARE THE TIMES WHICH WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

How can you say out of one side of your mouth, “Jesus is coming again, and soon…” and not expect those events which will herald His soon return?  How can you speak about a “Time of Trouble” and not see the troubled time we’re now about to enter?  Just ask the people in New Zealand how they saw the massive earthquake this past weekend.  Ask any learned, Bible prophecy student living there if they were not awakened just a little bit more as the ground beneath their feet shook.  United States citizen, are you ready for the ground to shake, and I’m not talking about California?  You cannot have turned your back on God with such liberal policies as national funding for the killing of children, the overturning of God’s institution of marriage and allow same sex people to tromp on God’s principle of established relationships, and soon to come, SOON TO COME, a “national Sunday law” enforced and reinforced because of what the elements of weather will now begin to appear on the shores of that beautiful land.

It is time to stop seeing and blaming who was wrong and why and begin to see that our “Salvation draweth nigh”.

Our salvation draweth nigh.


November 14, 2016