Who are they?  They are your friends, your family, your pastors and elders, teachers, anyone who brings a message separate from the message of God.  History always proves invaluable in understanding the Bible and especially our times, as well as future events to occur, and only by studying the Old Testament are we given an example of what will occur, what is occurring, in our time.

The Children of Israel were faced with a message from Jeremiah God was going to bring slavery upon them for seventy years.  They, too, searched their history and remembered those forty years of living in the Wilderness, dying, never reaching the Promised Land because of their sin.  Now, here was Jeremiah telling them to get ready to go into Babylon, to go and become comfortable with this servitude because of their sin, disobeying God’s Law.  Start with Jeremiah 23.  But the people wouldn’t listen.  They would listen to the “false” prophets and there certainly were more of them than Jeremiah, but yet Jeremiah held his own and his word became true, and many lost their lives as a result of listening to false prophets.  The people feared God’s true judgment as a result of their sin.  They also knew what the time would do for many of them.  They would face certain death and nobody wants to die not being free.

The same is occurring in our time.  While there are only a few which stand strong and proclaim the keeping of God’s Law, there are many who you come into contact with who preaches, teach and admonish you don’t have to keep God’s Law.  That no consequences will result from doing so and that you can live “freely” apart from God’s Law and yet remain free, safe and without concern about the pending judgment.  Oh, and how convincing some of them are.  They’ll quote Scripture, articulate it so beautifully in some cases, so bewitching because let it be shown for what it is, it is the power and might of the spirit of satan, which we know is interesting, powerful and downright satisfies our desires.  No one wants to hear about doing anything different than what we’re doing today, even at the risk of saving our lives, our eternal lives.

I thought about the time of Elijah and how through a demonstration of the power of God was instrumental in the destruction of hundreds of false prophets, but during the time of Jeremiah, there wasn’t any shortage!  Look around you, today, because there are no shortage either of “false prophets”.  Who are they?  They are the ones who tell you that God’s Law is no longer necessary, that it ended at the cross.  Who are they?  They are the ones who tell you the Sabbath day was changed to Sunday and there are so many of them as opposed to those who keep the Sabbath on Saturday, God’s true Sabbath as according to Scripture.  Who are they?  They are the ones especially close to you, your loved ones, who continue to go against God and His commands.  These are the false prophets who will be instrumental not only in their own death but of yours, too!

The choice is before you.  The evidence given.  Disregard if you will, at your own peril, but I’d rather take what Jeremiah was told to demonstrate and choose the “wooden” yoke instead of the “iron” one.  Confused as to what it means?  READ THE BIBLE!  But, you will wear one of them, so choose wisely!


December 18, 2014


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