This is a rather lengthy quotation taken from Joseph Bates, however, it is worth understanding:
“In my second letter to the church, I have taught the same doctrine: viz. “This is the commandment that as ye have heard from the beginning ye should walk in it.” (practice it.) 2:5, 6 “A new commandment I write unto you.” 7th v. This is the one that Jesus gave us on that memorable night in which he was betrayed, after He had instituted the sacrament and washed our feet. He said “By this shall all men know that ye are My Disciples if ye have love one to another.” 13:34, 35 The first then teaches us, Love to God, 2nd, to Love our neighbor as ourself; “on these two commandments (says Jesus) hang all the law and the prophets.” Then we understand this is the essence of the Ten Commandments, and if we do not keep the Sabbath we do not love God. Jesus says, “If ye love Me ye will keep My Commandments.”
“We are repeatedly told that the Sabbath was changed or forever abolished, at the crucifixion of our Lord, and it is stated by the most competent authorities that John wrote this epistle about sixty years afterwards, and that about six years after this our blessed Lord revealed to him the state of the Church down to the Judgment of the great day. In the 14th ch. Revelation 6-11, he saw three angels following each other in succession: first one preaching the everlasting Gospel (Second Advent doctrine); 2nd, announcing the fall of Babylon; 3rd, calling God’s people out of her by showing the awful destruction that awaited all such as did not obey. He sees the separation and cries out, “Here is the patience of the Saints, here are they that keep the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” And this picture was so deeply impressed on his mind, that when the Saviour said to him “Behold I come quickly and My reward is with Me,” he seemed to understand this, saying – “Blessed are they that do His Commandments that they may have right to the Tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” 22:14
“Now it seems to me that the seventh day Sabbath is more clearly included in these Commandments, than thou shalt not steal, nor kill, nor commit adultery, for it is the only one that was written at the creation or in the beginning. He allows no stopping place this side of the gates of the city. Then, if we do not keep that day, John has made out his case, that we are all liars. We say in every other case the type must be continued until it is superseded by the antitype, as in the case of the Passover, until our Lord was crucified. So then, as Paul tells us, “there remaineth a keeping of the Sabbath to the people of God,” and that we believe will be in the Millennium, the seven thousandth year, so that the seventh day Sabbath and no other will answer for the type, and those who keep the first or the eighth day sabbath cannot consistently look for the antitype of rest or the great Sabbath, short of one thousand years in the future.”
This is very forceful and cannot be overlooked, put away or disregarded. And it needs to be stated emphatically and with frankness. Simply put, “If you are not keeping God’s Ten Commandments, which includes the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday), then you are a “liar” when you say you love God and follow God and are of God and you are having your congregational worship on Sunday! There is no getting around it.
Secondly, there will be those who will say, “Bro. Roy, it is not until the time of “Sunday Legislation” when those who are worshipping on Sunday will be given the call to “come out of Babylon”, then and ONLY THEN, would they be considered liars.” I say to those who use this argument: “One can easily become a liar by practicing lies. Are they not practicing lies which the devil has given? Does it make it truth, although a lie, because they either refuse, disregard, don’t know or do know? If I tell you a lie, although I didn’t know it was a lie, did I then tell you truth? There is no mystical time when “coming out” needs to occur. That time could be, should be, today!”
Now answer the quiz. There is only one right answer.
True Sabbath Keepers
February 6, 2016