I noticed the tailor shop as I walked passed from having come from the market.  I inquired about a pair of shorts I wanted repaired.  His English was not good and my Tagalog was worse, so I decided to retrieve the shorts to show him what I wanted.

I reappeared five minutes later and he took the shorts in hand, trying to use sign language what he would do.  I agreed, by a shake of my head.  I stood there.  I stood there.  I stood there expecting to receive a receipt.  I mentioned it and he scrounged around to find a scrap of paper where I wrote my name.  He had written “repair of shorts”.  I imagine it’s not a practice of his.  Business is based upon trust.

As I’m getting ready for church, this morning, the thought occurred, the same is with God.  He sent Christ to “repair” my life from the brokenness of sin.  Our communication isn’t like as with you and I, and I have no receipt!  God’s business with me and my business with Him has to be based on “trust”.  We use the word, “faith”, and I’m learning to have lots of it!


July 26, 2014


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