“This does not mean, of course, that every American is going to become a convert to Rome! Of course not. But it certainly does suggest that the doctrines, practices, and ideals of the papacy will find increasing favor both in church and government circles. It implies that Protestantism will gradually lose its “protest” and become ever more tolerant of the beliefs it once taught were error; that Protestantism will be led into increasing collaboration with the system (Catholicism) it contended against with such intrepid courage and passionate zeal in years gone by. It suggests also a growing movement for the reunion of the churches, with emphasis upon unity rather than upon truth; that this movement will not be confined to this country alone but, with strong American support, will be urged upon all the people of the world. These omens lead to the inevitable conclusion that the first principles of the Republic will be forgotten, and heavy pressure will be brought to bear on all who refuse compliance with the plan.” Arthur S. Maxwell, Great Prophecies, pg. 33, 1943

In the video, this is what Bishop Tony Palmer had to say, on behalf of Pope Francis in 2014:

Are you getting the picture?  Arthur Maxwell didn’t know Bishop Palmer and I’m most certain Bishop Palmer didn’t know Arthur Maxwell, and there is more than 70 year gap, so there could be no collusion between the two, and I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in prophecy.

Are you listening?  Are you not seeing what is taking place right in front of your eyes, or are you so blind to the truth, eyes stuck on a piece of wood called the cross and thinking you’re alright as long as you “cling to the old rugged cross”?

Daily, the United States as a Protestant nation is beginning to sound more and more like the religious system it desired to leave behind in the 1700’s.  September will take place a historical meeting with the Pope and the Congress of the United States, and it is my belief you will see a greater handing over of our country to the Papacy.  Our country was founded, as per the little beast of Revelation 13, on two little horns:  civil and religious freedom.  Our religious freedom has already been handed over by the Protestant leaders (Lutheran and Methodist) already by signed documentation and treaty, followed by the Evangelicals.  Now, just because your own particular church denomination is not a part of it, it doesn’t matter and shows you how insignificant your church relations really are!  Remember, it was Martin Luther and John and Charles Wesley’s efforts which brought about the Reformation and the mere fact they’ve recapitulated signifies the religious having been turned over and now what awaits is the civil part of our government.

The guise of climate control, family time on Sunday, economic collapse, sexual immorality and one world governing are mere smokescreens for the true intent of what’s taking place, and even in regards to the pope, that’s still not the “big picture”.  What IS the big picture is the devil desires to be worshipped.  He KNOWS you won’t do it by your own common-sense, but he will get you to do it by proxy, through your church membership, by your disregarding the Commandments of God, and breaking the Fourth Commandment which is God’s command, to you, IF you call yourself a Christian.  This is why God in His mercy, His last warning call is telling His people, for there are many, to “Come out of her, My people.”  To leave Catholicism, to leave Apostate Protestantism, and be rejoined with His true people, they who “keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Will you come out, today?


June 20, 2015


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