It wasn’t too long ago when I began to seriously study and watch the activities of the Jesuits.  I also learned recently, I don’t have to look too far because they’re already infiltrating my church.  And the reason is clear, we, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, have long been the champions of exposing them and informing the world their activity and purpose of having world dominance.  I can think of two reasons why this is not occurring in your church:  (1) You are already Catholic, or (2) Your church leaves them little to be concerned about!  After all, if you’re no threat to them, then they’re no threat to you, you’ll do just fine.  However, it is those who pose a threat to them they are taking action.

“And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the Commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Rev 12:17 (KJV)

What church-going people fail to recognize is there is coming a “Time of Trouble” and if during this time you’re not really having any trouble, then you ARE IN TROUBLE!  Come on, let’s examine the facts.  We know the “Time of Trouble” is a matter of fact for those who are Commandment-keepers, more specifically because they are “sealed” by having kept the Fourth Commandment, which is the Sabbath (Saturday).  Those who are not believers as indicated by their having received the “mark of the beast”, which is Sunday worship, AFTER “Sunday Legislation” is enacted by the governments of the world, at the instigation of the Papacy (Pope), who gets his power from the dragon (Satan).  What you are receiving, those who are NOT Sabbath-keepers are the plagues mentioned in Revelation.  God’s people do not receive the plagues.  Now, you need to be clear, while those plagues are whipping your behind and you are having quite a time of trouble, this is NOT THE “Time of Trouble” those who are God’s folk are experiencing.  You see, God’s folk are having THE “Time of Trouble” because of you!  God does not directly brings this upon His People—you do!  You are the ones hunting them, ahem, “us” down because we are keeping God’s Commandments, and more specifically the one which reveals who they are:  The Sabbath!

So, the point needs to be made and made loud and clear:  What are the Jesuits doing to the so-called “Church of God” sect?  What are the Jesuits doing to the Assemblies of God, or Church of God in Christ?  How about you Missionary Baptist, or Southern Baptist?  Let’s not forget you Lutherans, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Methodists, Episcopalians or any others I’ve failed to mention.  What influence or infiltration are the Jesuits doing within your congregations or congregational headquarters?  What publications of yours have been tainted with their teaching to corrupt whatever doctrine you hold dearly?  I’m looking for answers and I’m putting this out as a direct challenge to those of you who are NOT Adventist, rather, Seventh Day Adventist, because if you believe in Christ, we’re all technically “Adventist” because we’re hoping in the Second Coming, or Advent of Christ.

For one, the Jesuits are angered by those who do not follow the dogmas and tenets of the Roman Catholic Church, which originated Sunday worship.  So, if your church has their weekly congregational worship on Sunday, well, you’re doing just fine as far as they are concerned, and whatever else you do or believe really doesn’t matter because you are no threat to them.  It’s “watchmen”, like me, who calls them out, calls you out and state emphatically and frankly, the “Seventh Day (Saturday) is the Lord’s Day and those who are not in keeping with the Sabbath—soon, will be lost!”  You can throw in topics like “love” and “grace” and any other such teachings, but the Bible is clear, crystal clear, God stated if you “love” HIM, KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, and they’re only ten of them which was given to man, first in the hearts of our first parents, later on stone at Mt. Sinai, and again, the “new” covenant, which is merely the first, written again on our hearts as we near the end of this world’s journey.

So, my friends, look around.  Examine yourselves and your church structure and see if any Jesuits are making their inroads to your worship experience, or not!

In closing, this coming election is proving to be an interesting one.  On the one hand we have Mrs. Clinton who has chosen a Jesuit as a running mate for vice president, whose husband attended a Jesuit university.  Remember how there was the adage there would never be a “Catholic” president in the United States?  Well, John F Kennedy destroyed that myth, and since then Catholicism is growing more and more in control of the Congress and Senate.  However, the main emphasis is those who are “Jesuits”, so isn’t it interesting Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope, and we’re getting ready to elect a Jesuit-filled and controlled Executive Branch!  Yeah, those of you wanting the Democratic ticket, that’s why I’m voting for the idiot, Mr. Trump!


August 14, 2016