It began as any other night, resting comfortably, and pleasant dreams when it turned into a life changing event.  I dreamt I was standing before Christ, at the Judgment, and things weren’t going so good.  It seems whatever I had done wasn’t good enough and I was going to pay the ultimate price!  Let’s listen in:

Roy:  But Lord, I thought I had to keep the Ten Commandments and especially, to keep Your Sabbath.

Lord:  Well, that’s what most of you Adventist were taught, but it wasn’t really true.  You could go to church any day and worship Me.  And, oh, those Ten Commandments, well, nobody really was keeping them, so it became a none issue!

Roy:  Jesus, Sir, what about the Three Angel’s Message, warning against the “Mark of the Beast”?

Lord:  That’s another problem you Adventist concerned yourself with.  Look at the world.  Isn’t the majority of people having the mark?

Roy:  Well yes…

Lord:  So, does it make sense to destroy the majority of people who tried versus the minority, like you?

Roy:  Wait a minute, Lord.  I thought the way would be “strait” and not so easy to get in.

Lord:  True, true, but you made it a practice by works, but these others, well, they had a heart to do right, so We decided to save all of them, especially since all these mansions have been prepared.

Roy:  So, I lose out, right?  I mean, after all the work I put into trying to do what I believed You wanted me to do, and because I loved doing it because You asked me to do it, I lose out because I’m a member of the minority and not the majority of believers?

Lord:  Well, think of it this way, I was the minority and I paid dearly for it.  Now, you will…

I woke up!

Wow, what an experience.  To think I can just go to church any day without consequences.  To think I don’t need to read or follow the Bible and still make it into the Kingdom, to just have a good heart and not concern myself with the details!  Now, that truly would be a nightmare.

Many Christians are living in their nightmare and don’t know it, but give it a little more time and their reality will become a nightmare.



August 17, 2015


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