I concluded reading the story of former SDA pastor and his wife, Greg and Paula Taylor, a book written by him, “Discovering the New Covenant”.  While at times it was difficult to continue reading yet I found it intriguing because I could not see, then I could, how someone could find themselves caught up in the predicament he did and would walk away.

How does someone just walk away, leaving home, as it were, to venture in an area long understood to be error?  The word, “deception” comes to mind.  Here was a man who became afraid of being deceived yet became deceived and now teaches others this same deception and will reach many because he can identify with those who are still “home”.

We, as God’s “remnant” church for the last days are warned about a deception which will take place in the world’s church, but what about a deception which will personally affect each remnant believer?  It is for certain because of my experience, background and other factors, I cannot be deceived with regards to, for example, belief in an all-powerful, mighty God.  I’ve come too far to leave that position.  I cannot be deceived when it comes to Sabbath and Sunday worship.  However, there are deceptions which I can be deceived, and no doubt, the enemy knows this and will ply his trade in some form or fashion, or perhaps I’m already experiencing, being setup and not cognizant!

So, what maintains us?  To be honest, I am so thankful for my grandparents and parent’s teaching regarding the belief I have chosen to accept, the key-word, “I have chosen”.  While I have gone through and continue going through struggles, disbelief and questionable times, it solidifies my stance or I eventually return “home”, realizing later what I found on the other side was not nearly as satisfying or fulfilling in terms of my religious experience.

It is my belief we will all be tried in ways unimaginable.  I don’t think there is any particular preparation one can do because the enemy will not use tactics he knows we are prepared for.  He will not hit us coming in the front but will attack from behind or side.  This is why the “full armor” is needed.  So, I would suggest many of us dust it off, get it from the attic and set to polishing it because we are going to need it soon!


April 6, 2016