Has always been the marker by which we can measure the judgments of God.  While each of us, in our individual lives have our struggles and setbacks, and we suffer as a result of them and in the justice of God, there is something to be said when the sin of a nation becomes great, which brings about the judgment of God in more devastating ways.

Earlier this week, at some point, I don’t remember, the reoccurring thought was all of the nations who’s “cup was filled”.  First, we encountered the Antediluvian world and they were destroyed by a flood.  Next was Sodom and Gomorrah.  We next hear of Canaan.  Then later Babylon, Medo-Persia, the usual players until we come to Rome.  Now the United States of America has stepped into the forefront of being the latest nation who’s cup has now been filled and because of the “National Sin” that of legislating morality, rather, immorality, God’s judgment will have to begin falling AND in ways which will leave no doubt He is not happy about what has occurred.  You cannot arbitrarily destroy an institution given by God, ordained by Him, given our first parents as our example to be followed, and not expect consequences.

A friend responded to one of my post, “This is not the time to get ready but to be ready” for what will happen.  Now, I’m not a doomsday preacher, teacher or conspiracist who sits around waiting for the hammer to drop.  While of recent, floods, draught, fires, high winds, insensible mass killings and extreme storms have been the order of the day, let it be known, God WILL step up the events which will take place, and specifically, on the United States to punish her for her unlawful ways.  Now, there is nothing we can do about it.  Even a reversal of the act doesn’t forego the punishment, but the purpose of this, of what will take place is for one reason and for one reason only:  to get you, those of you who are not repentant, who are not believing, who are not Christian to recognize there is a God, who loves you and desires you to join with Him before it is too late.  It is already too late for my former home country, but it is not too late for those individuals who are caught in the middle to finally make the decision to get on board.

I repeat, what will begin to fall upon my country will be devastating.  These things must take place.  The severity of them will be without precedence so those who will counter by stating, “These things have always taken place…” will not be justified by their remarks.  No one will not be affected.  It will be such where all will cry out for relief, and will begin to look for answers from that which seem to have them, the Church, and when September rolls around and after a particular visitor having stated his position to the U.S. Congress, for the first time in American history, then there will be no longer any excuse for those not to know what is happening, and for good reason.

Friends, we’re told the last events will be sudden ones.  You can expect to go to bed and wake up and something having had occurred.  Let us watch and be ready.


June 27, 2015


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