“Educate the Mind to Believe God’s Word

Those who feel at liberty to question the Word of God, to doubt everything where there is any chance to be unbelieving, will find that it will require a tremendous struggle to have faith when trouble comes. It will be almost impossible to overcome the influence that binds the mind which has been educated in the line of unbelief, for by this course the soul is bound in Satan’s snare and becomes powerless to break the dreadful net that has been woven closer and closer about the soul.

“In taking a position of doubt, man calls to his aid the agencies of Satan. But the only hope of one who has been educated in the line of unbelief is to fall all helpless upon the Saviour and, like a child, submit his will and his way to Christ that he may be brought out of darkness into His marvellous light. Man does not have the power to recover himself from the snare of Satan. He who educates himself in the line of questioning, doubting, and criticizing strengthens himself in infidelity.”–Ms 3, 1895.

I’m going to share with you a personal experience which helped me to fully understand what this means and what will occur just before Christ returns.  I will not describe the circumstances for this has already been written in my book which you are welcomed to read online.  Again, this is very personal, so bear with me.

When I was arrested, the second night in jail, God gave me three words, one of which was, “Go to trial.”  All during the investigative and discovery time, I was vehement about not taking a plea but to follow those words, of God, “Go to trial”.  My attorney was fully aware and when offered a plea from the prosecutor, she informed her, “My client is certain about going to trial.”

At one point during the fiasco of my case, there was confusion.  My attorney had to take leave due to pregnancy, my other attorney was not up to speed, and the trial was put on hold to work out other details, and I was placed in a holding cell with the decision awaiting for me to be made by my newly appointed attorney, his supervisor who was now overseeing the case, the prosecuting attorney and a federal judge.  It would be my decision what was to happen next, and this after 19 months after hearing those words, “Go to trial.”

When in this place, the holding cell, so many thoughts flooded my mind.  I thought about my circumstances and which brought about this case.  I thought about the plea bargain they were offering me to simply say, “I’m guilty”, when I was but not in the way in which they claimed.  I thought about the thirty-months, minus 4 for “good time”, meaning if I would just say the word, I would only have to do seven more months as opposed to the possibility of doing 120 months maximum, at the very least 60.  Sixty versus seven is not hard to figure the math.  With all this playing within my mind, the words, “Go to trial” were becoming less and less.  And since that day, having sided with my weakness and not fulfilling God’s word, this whole mess has continued to affect my life even until this day.  You only get one shot and I failed to take mine.

God had given me two other words, during that same night.  Throughout the case I saw how each of these words had fulfillment.  Both equally as difficult but I learned by their experience how God’s word is true when we follow it.  Yet, I failed to keep this in mind when I was asked to make a decision.  I looked at circumstances and forgot about His word, and never got a chance to see a positive result.

The same applies to us as we’re getting ready to face the Time of Trouble.  Many of us will be brought before courts thinking today we are firm regarding our beliefs, but are we?  How many will buckle under if given a lighter way to escape?  How many of us will lie regarding our beliefs when we see that wife, husband or child in pain, facing destruction because of our beliefs?  Are you prepared to see that loved one die in front of your eyes in the most pitiful and demeaning way and all you have to say is whatever they want you to say?  These days are coming friends, and having had the experience I have had, which has hardened me now in knowing I will NOT be making that mistake again in the future, no matter the cost, but can you say the same?

To take a stand today while things are not so bad is one thing, but will you be able to do the same tomorrow?  Until you are placed in such a situation as I have, one cannot fully appreciate the gravity of knowing what is right to do and what is easier to do, thinking maybe God has given you a blessing, and it’s not.  God won’t come back and repeat His promises because He knows you’ve heard it clearly and thoroughly, but will you be willing to stand on what you know and not consider what you see?  While in that holding cell I longed for someone to come in and tell me what to do.  I looked for God to assist me but it felt as if I were all alone, not even God’s Spirit to assist me, or even remind me.  And, I failed.  I’m thankful, despite the circumstances which I suffer today, because education does not come cheap.

Are you ready?

June 24, 2015


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