I recently purchased a television, perhaps an old term, since they’re called, “monitors” today.  And, with them, one is able to do so much more than the “televisions” of my early years.  A moment ago, I was upstairs preparing to go to church, when I looked at the “monitor” and this moment of inspiration passed into me I’d like to share with you.  God still speaks to His servants and I’m grateful He’s able to use me.

My monitor has a capability to be either 2D (dimensional) or 3D.  When I was 17 I remember watching my first, well, the first 3D movie which was produced for the general population.  Perhaps those older, as I am, will remember it.  “Frankenstein 3D”.  It was fascinating, once you got used to the glasses, and saw objects seemingly to float right in front of your eyes, or objects appearing as if it was going to hit you.

Today, I am able to determine if I want to watch a program in either mode.  It can be a regular 2D program and my monitor has the capability to make it a 3D, but those videos made with 3D, it does a far better in entertaining your mind.

My point?

My education in Scriptural matters is similar.  While many are satisfied learning and keeping to a 2D view, I’ve always been one to dig deeper, to find that more hidden treasure, to open up and satisfy my understanding of the 2D.  So, when I explain things, you’re getting the benefit of my 3D as I try to make it now fit in a 2D explanation.  So, it’s no wonder there are those who will ask, “How did you come to that conclusion?”

Well, just like it takes extra steps to convert my programming on the television, it took extra steps to learn what I’ve learned in these now almost 60 years of my life.  Although I am capable of giving you a 2D view, I’d rather give you the benefit of my 3D experience and pray you’re willing to do the work to understand, too.  However, because you’re “stuck” in 2D mode, don’t question my 3D and say it’s not possible or it doesn’t exist because I see it in 3D everyday!

In religious terms, God’s last day church would be given the “Spirit of Prophecy”, meaning they, only they, would be given the ability to understand what others would not.  However, it is not such where those who don’t have it cannot understand IF they’re willing to put in the time, prayer and effort to do so. It is the Remnant church’s role to provide this 3D or “Spirit of Prophecy” understanding. What it should mean when you examine this concept is if you are not able to grasp these things, perhaps you’re not a part of the Remnant church and need to push past your 2D experience and get updated to what’s going on in the 3D mode.

I know many of you will not be able to even grasp what I’ve said here.  Perhaps, then, it would be best for you to just, “change the channel”.


September 20, 2014


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