In reading my morning’s devotion, covering the Sanctuary, to which I now fully accept and believe, certain thoughts began to cross my mind.  While the subject of the Sanctuary definitely embodies the distinction and foundation of not only my belief but that of my church, those who have difficulty in accepting, believing and trusting this pillar will be left to adopt and accept any and every other contrary belief and will find themselves lowering the standard we’re to bear and lift high.  However, the warning which home came from this reading, I can now see opens the door to pantheism.  Let me explain.

When you have a distinct faith/belief, it cannot, or should not be likened to any other.  For example, and this one is not as subtle as the one I shall reveal in a moment.  Those of Islamic belief will try to convince you because of the word “God” in Arabic is “Allah”, we must, therefore, be believers of the same God.  This is in error.  While we are certainly all “children of God”, however, we do not serve the same God!  The more subtle loss of distinction is now occurring in the Protestant community as ecumenism is taking hold.  It is the belief all Protestant believers are worshiping the same God and this belief will allow standards to be dropped so the door is thrown wide open so we can now join hands with the Roman Catholic, and fellow believers of the “same” God, thereby losing the distinction which has been prominent for the last 400 years, and for good reason.  The truth need to be told, and that quite strongly, “We DO NOT worship the same God, although we are all God’s people.”

What should distinguish those who are worshipping the “true” God from those who worship the “false” god or worshiping the “true” God falsely are contained within the Scriptures.  The “Image of the Beast” is when it is believed all God’s children are the same and will come together, putting away what has previously been the differences of belief, and accepting we are the same.  We’re not!  Nor can we ever be.  When you do not worship God in the prescribed way God has determined, then you are not God’s people, and God does not accept you as His.  He rejects you and while this might be difficult to swallow, but the Scriptures bear this out.  And when you discard the distinguishing doctrinal belief of the Sanctuary service, with all of its characteristics, then you’ve adopted the “image of the beast” without even needing to receive the “mark of the beast”, either which will condemn you.

While this may sound egotistical, boastful or even arrogant, when spoken in the proper light and context, it is really a message which need to be sounded from every pulpit:  “While it is not possible for me, ever, to worship with you, where you are, because of your beliefs, it is more likely you will worship with me, where I am, because I worship Him according to His Commandments, and I shall not be moved.”

We are not all the same.  We do not all worship the same God.  And if you are worshiping the “true” God in a “false” way, you will be given ample time to make the change, so your worship will be acceptable, not to me, but to God.  You and I ARE alike because we are human, but we should not bring God down to our level but should rise to His level and do what He has commanded, otherwise we are commanded by God, through Paul:

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you…” 2 Cor 6:17 (KJV)

Our “God” is not alike!


June 1, 2015


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