Like many of you, I was born and raised in the “Message”, a synonym for the Seventh Day Adventist church.  In fact, there was another word, “Truth”, which represented who we are/were, which was similarly used, but we hear little of both today.  There has been a “blending” going on with our once before “Movement”.  We were to be “separate” from all other denominations, movements and religious bodies, but this has all changed.  We have desired to be accounted as one of all the others, a “blending” of our beliefs, our appearance, our diet and our faith.  It used to be when our church let out, we were different because we were the “ONLY” church, on that day, God’s true Sabbath day, and anyone who appeared so formally dressed, MUST BE Adventists, if but coming from some other church nearby. But when you see our appearance with our wedding bands, earrings, manner of dress or lack thereof, our speaking, we can no longer say we are different.  We did not have to be isolated from others because they chose to isolate themselves from us, but now this has changed and changed greatly.

About three years ago when I got involved with Facebook, my exposure to conflicting messages began disturbing me.  I fought a long and hard battle against anyone, any group which tried to infiltrate what I considered the “standard” as pertaining to the GC structure of the Seventh Day Adventist church.  It began with the feasts, then calendar, and then prophecy.  I not only challenged each individual who presented such, but found myself arbitrarily blocking, when necessary, because I did not want to subject not only myself, but others under my shepherd’s care, from this heresy and false doctrine.  I went to church—faithfully, each week, as had been my custom since birth but something happened.  It had nothing to do with culture, language and other superficial ideologies, but everything to do with “present truth” and the need to get it.  I had to come to the realization, I was not getting it wherever I was attending.  God was doing something in my life.

When I was twenty-five years old, having purchased my second home, I remember standing in my family room questioning God and saying, “Is this it?  Is this all there is because if it is, then I’m ready to die.” Little did I know what He had planned for me and “wow”, what a journey it has been!  Some thirty years later, walking out of churches, whether in Atlanta, Beacon, Cleveland, San Juan, Bridgeport, Birmingham and others, my cry of many years returned, “Is this it?  Is this all there is because if it is, then we as a church are dead!”  Little did I know what He had planned for me, and again, “wow”, what a journey it is today.

I learned those I had rejected, from imparting an unfamiliar message, was a message borne from what I had, and what I had had growing up was now taking what we had much further, and God did not want me to remain where I was, because where I was was no longer applicable, IF, I did not allow the seed planted to finally grow.  I like that thinking.  Many of us are refusing to allow the seeds to grow because we think the seeds we have are the final plant and it is not!  And sitting there in those pews, I thought attributable to age, but it was not, my “drifting” off to sleep. My “drifting” was caused by the “lullaby” message being delivered to our churches today by men, and some women, who are fast asleep regarding “present truth” which is more than available to those who seek for it.  We know in the last days, there were sleeping virgins as opposed to those who were awake in the parable of the coming bridegroom.  How many of us have awaken and not realized we had even fallen asleep?  Usually, it takes someone sitting next to us who know and kindly nudge us awake, but our partners, on both sides are just as fast asleep as we are!

There is this fear Adventism is becoming Babylon.  THIS CAN NEVER BE.  However, what needs to be stated and stated soberly, forthright and frankly, Adventism, true Adventism will never fall sleep and NEVER will become Babylon.  Now, this is just as equally true, the majority sitting in our pews today are merely placeholders and will eventually leave physically, because they have already left spiritually but just don’t know it!  So, those who have chosen to depart from the GC controlled buildings called churches and have sought “laymen”, or “self-supporting” or “reformed” churches, or those, like me, who have sought a wonderful medium like the Internet and YouTube who are able to listen to fulfilling messages and learn something regarding “present truth” like from Pastor Andrew Enriquez and great teachers of Adventism from a historical and prophetical point of view like Jeff Pippinger, are the “Adventist” which will be firmly grounded as the shaking continues to shake either those alive to the truth or those out from being among us.  The “shaking” has begun, and it remains to be seen whether you realize it or not, or have you been shaken out and just don’t know it!

For us to get through the “Time of Trouble” the status quo cannot exist.  We have become too comfortable and have little expectation from the structure we have gladly rested within as being all we need.  Look around you in the pews where you sit, and see who you consider as a “watchman”, or “watchwoman”.  Did you find any because someone just looked around and passed you over, too!  WE ALL NEED TO BE ADEQUATE, COMPETENT, SUFFICIENT WATCHPERSONS in this warfare we are in.  I cannot and will not depend upon you or anyone else to blow the warning sound, for me.  I have determined I need to be the one blowing, but you should not be dependent upon me, either!  Would it not be nice if we both began blowing at the same time, the same sound, so those who are waiting will know there is a cohesiveness about their perceived “watchmen”?  I think so.

We need to “wake up”.  We need to go to God and say, “I know this is not all there is, so please direct me to the next level.”  Truth, “present” truth ever continues to impart light and we need to be “ever” learning, grasping and seeing how everything is fitting into its place.  By doing so, we begin to see how something within us doesn’t fit so we can get it fixed, and we WILL be a part of that glorious number, 144,000, before the door closes and God says and says it quite conclusively, “It is finished.”


March 4, 2017