It was just a small thing, could not walk, but stumbled.  It’s eyes weren’t even opened, crying on the sidewalk, left by it’s mother.  I picked it up and brought it home.  Tried to give it milk but had nothing to effectively nurse it.  Went to the pharmacy to get an eye-dropper to act as some way to feed it.  It wasn’t working.  My goal was to find a vet to see if they could advise me on what implement to use, but it died during the night.

A couple of days later, I heard a “meow” just outside my door.  Here was one a bit older, bright-eyed and standing there as if expected entry.  I opened the door but didn’t make any movement.  I got a can of tuna, took out a sliver and held it close to it’s nose, then brought it closer and closer to the doorway, it took the bait and was now inside.  When the door closed, it tried to get back out, staying close until I put a plate of tuna next to it.  It ate.  It’s belly became full and began to search around the unfamiliar surroundings.  The next day I got a litter box and feeding bowls as it eventually warmed up to me.  I’ve had many cats over the years.  I prefer them to dog because they’re independent, can take care of themselves but mostly, they come already “potty-trained”.  Couldn’t determine what name to give it, now knowing it is a she, so I called her what she was known by, a “Tabby”.

Tabby is protected, loved and secured.  When I walk the streets of Manila and see the many kittens some abandoned to die and others having died, or sickly, perhaps Tabby doesn’t realize this but she’s blessed.  She can go to a vet when she’s sick.  She’s being fed two types of food and as much as she wants daily.  She gets fresh water, sunlight and exercise while destroying my furniture!  But, she’s happy and content and has a much better life had I not been home that evening and previously lost a kitten setting her ripe for the picking by announcing her presence on that particular evening.

How many of us have been “ripe” for the picking of God, to be brought into His favor and shown His love because of who we are?  How many have rejected that offering to come within and receive the benefits He’s more than willing to give to anyone willing to stay awhile.  Interesting He knows what we are and who we are and calls us by a name which is taken from His own, if, if, we are just willing to accept all He wishes to give us.

Today, I can open the door and Tabby will venture about three feet away.  She’ll even sit down, look around, then she’ll dash back inside.  This is where she feels secure and instinct will advise her, this is best.  We, sadly, don’t have the benefit of instinct but instead have intellect.  The problem with our intellect is we often think we know better so we’ll venture farther than we should into paths which are not safe and for many of us we are not able to find the door to get back to safety often times too late!

So, if you are inside, stay.  If you are outside, get inside before it’s too late.

Jesus is already at the door waiting for you.


March 28, 2015



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