For awhile now I have struggled with this issue which is going on in many Adventist churches today.  We have such extremes as one brother I know, whose church has opted not to have any music except acapella, because there is no mention of instruments being used in the New Testament.  They’ve not learned how the Bible is “one” book, not “two” and there is a common message which begins in the beginning and continues until the end.

Then, we have the other extreme, where music is played in such a manner which is so heightened to cause—purposefully, an emotional response and those so inclined perhaps due to ethnicity and culture, will demonstrate emotionalism to the degree where they’re hopping around, foot-stepping, dancing, speaking in so-called tongues, falling on the floor (slain in the so-called spirit), running in the aisle, holy-rollers they are referred, complete bedlam and this is what they believe is worship!

On the other side we have the anthem-singing, quiet, calm, and almost too calm where one who hasn’t gotten enough sleep may have found their place for such a quiet repose in their worship experience.

Then there is the middle.

And this is where the problem exists because it is subtle.  It is a combination of nominal church music with the standard of Adventism, which turns out to be a convoluted mess which entangles even the most unaware of what the enemy is attempting to do, in the church, which was given the standard and the purpose of “raising the standard” and “repairing the breach”, and we are not seeing how we are involved in the furthering of the tactic of satan.

Consider this, if you will:  I would not set my foot inside a church which is worshiping on Sunday EXCEPT for the invitation given me to speak.  Why? I’m told there will be a “coming out” of Babylon, not a “going to” and getting comfortable.  So, why is it, my friends, that which is being done in nominal churches, even their worship experience and music, is now being found inside Adventist churches?  Why do we permit their corrupting influence to become a part of our worship?  Take note of how their preachers preach and it seems to be the goal of some Adventist preachers to manifest such as their own style.  Their music is being learned and replicated in our Divine Service.  Don’t we have our own composers, lyricists and musicians?  Why must we bring into our camp that which may look sacred but is profane?  Why do we attempt to use common fire as holy fire to light our candles?

Having moved to the Philippines, I underwent, still am, a change regarding my own worship experience.  It appeared when I was asked to speak I had to bring a recording of music I had become accustomed, to play, before I spoke!  Why?  Because what they were singing just didn’t do it for me, to bring me to that state I needed to speak in how I was moved.  Saul needed music to calm him, and I needed music to speak!  Something was wrong, and what was wrong was me.

So, yes, I’m going through a revolution of sorts, examining myself and the music I listen because it is a “subtle snare” as Sis. White calls it.  There is an influence which reaches the very core of our being and we need to be careful to what we listen, and how it is being played in our places of sacred worship and homes.


February 24, 2016