Coming upon this quotation gave me the inspiration to write this thought, “More Than Sufficient”:

“Jesus stands in the Holy of Holies, now to appear in the presence of God for us. There He ceases not to present His people moment by moment, complete in Himself. But because we are thus represented before the Father, we are not to imagine that we are to presume upon His mercy, and become careless, indifferent, and self-indulgent. Christ is not the minister of sin. We are complete in Him, accepted in the Beloved, only as we abide in Him by faith.” — (The Signs of the Times, July 4, 1892)

Anyone who has ever had to stand before a judge in a criminal court proceeding know the feeling of leaving your life in the hands of someone else.  This is not a very comfortable feeling, at all!  You stand there thinking of things you want to say, but cannot.  You stand there wanting to answer the questions a different way, but you cannot.  You don’t know the law, no matter how much you might think you do, and everything which transpires is between your attorney, prosecutor and judge.  Three people standing within your view, discussing you, and you are not able to do anything—at all!  Everything requiring your involvement was done behind closed doors, between you and your attorney, and now this person, your advocate represents you and there is nothing you can say, or do, during the time the trial is proceeding.  This is not a good feeling at all because all the while you are standing there, you are wondering about the competency of your attorney and the relationship he/she has with the judge and prosecutor.

If we would take the time, often, to think about what is transpiring on our behalf, in the “courtroom” of heaven, it will give us a very sobering idea of what is taking place—right now, and our name is being called.  Our case is being examined, and there is nothing you can do, or say, on your behalf because all your involvement has already taken place between you and your attorney, Christ, who is representing you.  Your conversations with your attorney takes place in prayer and meditation.  Your every action is scrutinized and recorded and presented before the Judge, God.  The prosecutor, satan, has presented a very compelling case against you and in all reasonableness of consideration, as regarding the Law, we are doomed.  Doomed!  And there is nothing you can do about it.

But, Christ can.

You see, He is very competent and knows yours case thoroughly and completely and due to His relationship between God, the Judge, and Himself, He bridges the relationship between you and the Judge despite anything the prosecutor may say against you.  You do not have to worry if you will be represented properly, professionally and purposefully.  Christ knows very well the end result if you are given a guilty verdict.  He doesn’t make deals and negotiates like they do in the courts down here, but He adequately states facts, doesn’t hide the fact you did break the Law, but He knows your character, your attempts along with your failures and He knows your heart and willingness to overcome in those areas where you are weakest.  He is aware of your struggles and knows them personally because He has experienced them in His life when He was here and His observation of you.  And now it is your time to be judged and when all else seems to be against you and satan seems to be winning the case, Christ makes it very clear and without reservation, “Father, I plead My blood.  I paid the penalty.  Bro. Roy is to be free indeed.”

This is one case I cannot lose.  This is one case I do not have to worry about my attorney because He knows me better than I can ever know myself, but He does require me to work on my behalf.  Some of that work requires asking for forgiveness when I have broken the Law of the Ten Commandments.  Some of that work requires me seeking forgiveness from family, friends and others.  Some of that work requires more than just thinking but action in changing my will so it can align with that of Christ.  While He does His best to represent me, I have to do my best to represent Him, so when God looks from His Son He sees His Son in me.  How can He give a guilty verdict in this case?  He cannot.

Our Attorney is more than sufficient but we have to be sufficient, too, in doing our best, wanting to allow change to take place in our heart, no matter how bad we have become.  No matter how far we have driven away from Him, He will always make a way for us to stand before God in the best light any attorney is able to present us.

For those of you who have never experienced being in a courtroom, I would bidden you to do so.  Courtrooms are public places and even though you do not have a case, you are able to view others who do, and if you have the ability to put yourself in the proceedings as if the case is your own, you might gain experience and knowledge how what is done on earth is actually being done in heaven, right now.  Everyone’s name is on the docket, to be called.

Are you ready for your case to be heard?

July 5, 2017