I have been dealing with this issue head-on since coming to these various FB groups.  Had I not been on FB, I doubt I would have heard of the SDA “Reformed” or “Layman’s Movement” which seem to be attacking, yes, I used the word, “attacking” the body of Adventist believers.  One just told me, “What if you hav deleted the very message from God and u have hindered those who want to know the truth?” (Message shared exactly as it was given me.)  My response to him simply was, “I have no problem with KNOWING the truth…”

I have a stepmother who was a toll-collector and she told me something I didn’t know and this, too, goes for those who handle money in banks.  They’re instructed not in identifying counterfeit money but in knowing the genuine.  You see, people will always come up with methods to create a counterfeit, but it is knowing what is real which does not change, and helps to identify that which is false.  So, my Friends, my goal is built, like the song says, “On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

It appears, and their argument is, “they’ve been given ‘new’ light”.  The very word, “reform” doesn’t necessary mean to “change for the better” but could it also mean to “re-form” into something which is totally different?  You claim you have been given ‘new’ light.  What was wrong with the “old” light?  Was not the “old” light good enough or was it a lie?  Are you saying you’ve been believing a “lie” all this time and now you have found the truth?  There seems to be a problem with your credibility.

There’s another song which is sung, “Give me that ‘old’ time religion, it’s good enough for me.”  There’s truth in those lyrics.  While I believe God is advancing His people, it is never away from what had been given previously.  It is an enhancement not a complete change and it goes according to what is already established as truth; however given in increments for those who are NOT capable of understanding the totality presently.

It’s one thing to battle with non-believers or the world, but it’s another thing to deal with those supposedly “IN” the church who desire to cause confusion because they believe they’ve found something new.  I’m more than aware Christ taught in letting the “tares” grow with the “wheat” for fear of uprooting some of the wheat at the expense of the tares.  I can assure you this, and giving this WARNING to all those who are involved in those movements:  If I find you trying to sprout about “lunar sabbaths”, anti-trinity teaching, prophetic times “after” 1844, or any other such nonsense, there will be no discussion or debates but a simple deletion of the post and your membership within those groups I administrate.

You may have seen “a” light, but as a shepherd of these various groups our group would have become “lighter” having removed you.  So, stop being a “tare” and join with the “wheat”.  For one, it tastes better!


September 11, 2014

Bro. Roy’s Note:  Something about this post has bothered me for quite awhile.  However, I will not remove it, but add onto it.  It is not a coincidence this correction is being made and while doing so I notice the date of the original post: September 11, 2013, some 12 years after the fateful event!  I now accept the “Reformed Movement’s” premise that this date, 9/11 has significance.  I also accept the “Reformed Movement” since I now have a better understanding and their purpose.  While I do not accept the “Laymen’s Movement” and I don’t foresee doing so, I do see validity and credibility with the Reformed Movement insofar as “Present Truth” is concerned and sadly, this means a leaning away from the GC structure.  However, while the “Shaking” continues, the GC structure will be purged and it will be because of the message by the “Reformed Movement”, albeit the “Latter Rain”.

March 20, 2017



  1. Kayla Warner said:

    Coming from a denomination who found new light concerning the Sabbath day and changed for the better from Sunday keeping, your entire speech sounds like a giant walking contradiction. So in other words your trying to tell me that SDA’s have it entirely perfect and if anyone finds new light due to study, that you dont wanna hear it cause it will rock your boat and you gotta have “that old time religion” if you want old time religion you should rejoin the methodists. They were the first to break off from the catholics due to new light they found. Ellen herself said that others would come with more light. Take your fingers out of your ears and listen to others. Then take it to the bible and study. If it is of God it will edify and uplift his word. If its fake then you will know what to do with it. But dont run others down for study and change for the sake of truth.

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