In light of what has been happening, as reported by the news, and I have say it that way because I was not there, and wondering if and when I should add my two cents to the discussion, what I can admit, and this carefully, prayerfully and hopefully is to share my experience as a possible explanation, not an excuse, but as a reason for what we are now seeing which is escalating and, sadly, we should expect more of it.

It is not generally thought nor is it something most of us will want to admit, however, as Paul called “science so-called”, none of us want to have it said to be “mentally-ill”, even worse, “demonic possessed”, but until we come to the realization they’re one in the same treatment is only pushed further away because our weapons will be unsuitable since we’re fighting a “spiritual” battle wanting to use “carnal” weaponry, and let me give you a hint, it won’t work.

I will admit having dealt with mental illness.  Yes, I will admit it.  In fact, according to science the fact I can and will admit it makes me more liable for treatment.  However, because I have had particular experiences, I’m also willing to admit MY cause of mental illness, mental defect or diminished capacity is directly related to spiritualism or simply put, “demonic possession” and not necessarily “demonic obsession”.  There is a difference.

It is also my belief, as I have dealt with substance abuse issues and definitely see the war we are waging with racial issues a symptom not the cause of the problem, just as smoking crack was not the problem but a symptom of a problem and we, you, I can be thankful for symptoms because without them we will not acknowledge the problem.  Such as a thermometer.  It can tell us it is cold outside or that something is wrong with our body, but there are symptoms given like a fever or seeing people expel vapor if they’re walking outside in the cold which is indicative.  We’re so busy trying to quell the symptoms when the real problem, the cause, is much deeper.  I offer to you it is “demonic possession” as being the cause.

We are told in the latter days the concept of love will diminished and changed from its original purpose.  As a result of love being affected, those things which love brings balance will, well, become unbalanced.  THIS is why we have homosexuality.  This is why we have marital infidelity and breakups.  This is why we have premarital sex and children born outside of wedlock.  This is why we have the inability of expressing ourselves.  This is why we can load up with weapons and take other’s lives and explains why we see people giving up their own lives KNOWING full well what they are doing will result in overcoming what is supposed to be the most natural and strongest of all life forces the need for self-preservation, the “love of self”.  When “love” has been changed, we are changed and our participation in society will be changed to one of negativity.

But, we as a society do not want to admit any of this.  We are comfortable with the terminology of “mental illness” and not “demon possession”, whereas Jesus when He was here dealt with “demon possession” head-on.  You don’t hear of any being “mentally ill” back then, do you?  Well, Jesus dealt with the cause and not the symptoms.  When we begin to see it the way it is, THEN and ONLY THEN will we be able to use the proper tools given:  fasting and prayer and the “touch” of healing, THEN and ONLY THEN will we begin to see a lessening of the evil and its symptoms.


July 11, 2016