I cannot keep silent regarding this matter especially after viewing a report, on CNN, on what transpired in Ireland, last night.  You are familiar with the text of Scripture from which the title of this post is taken,

“For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matt 24:38-39 (KJV)

I have begun believing these words, “marrying and giving in marriage” does not “always” relate to the controversial marriages and divorce rate, which only easily open the gates for remarriages, but the fact the very institution itself will have become polluted by the perversion of man through homosexuality.  Again, and I shall make this very clear, if two men, or women, wish to have some bond similar to the God-given institution of marriage, they have EVERY RIGHT to be adjoined by “civil law”, but it cannot be called, “marriage”, for this has been established, by God, from the very beginning to be between a man and woman.  I also believe, through civil law, they have rights when it comes to “civil law” such as any have in legalities: hospital emergencies, inheritance, etc., but I draw the line, a very BIG LINE when it comes to the adoption of children.  It is my belief when this has been brokered by self-serving politicians for the purpose of vote collecting, God will bring upon those nations judgments which will be immense and decisive.  In His Book, He has not casually mentioned the destruction of those who would harm those precious ones.  I’m not talking about pedophiles, but the very exposure of children being associated and growing in an environment which is ungodly will have a profound effect upon those little minds which will result in confusion, acquiescing, and possible perpetuation of such sin and it definitely would have been better if those offenders were never born!

Then in the same report to see a manly appearing man dressed as a woman receiving some type of an award goes only to exacerbate the acceptance, public acceptance, of transgenderism, which they might think they’re cute but is most idiotic and foolish.  Again, the Scripture is clear with regards to men and women dressing in clothing for the purpose of “appearing” what they are not.  It’s called, “confusion”, and it should not be.  I see this so prevalent here in this country and it sickens me to see grown men with their too short shorts, or too tight leggings, with their belly shirts, some with “filled” bras whether with socks or even true flesh modified by available medical methodologies, primping and often acting more feminine than the true beauty of women who are women!

If you THINK, well, perhaps you don’t, but if you did THINK God is pleased or accepting of you living in this type of lifestyle, you are sadly mistaken.  God does love you but He cannot love what you are doing and what you are becoming.  I recently attended a party where some of these cross-dressers attended and it took all I had to remain “civil” without b-smacking some of them back into manlihood, and there is no such word as “manlihood” but I think there should be!  In my generation, there was no confusion as to what you were if you were able to lower your drawers and saw what either was there, or not, as you faced a mirror.  If you had a “dangling thing” then you were attracted to someone who didn’t!  There were no public “sword-fights” and truthfully, I wished they’d all go and find a closet, and get back in and close the door.  Case closed.


May 25, 2015


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