“The mark of the beast is exactly what it has been proclaimed to be. Not all in regard to this matter is yet understood nor will it be understood until the unrolling of the scroll.”—Testimonies to the Church, Volume 6 (1900).

I could not help having this thought how people will be refusing anything resembling a “mark” on their hand or forehead when I saw how a group of Coptic Christians, having a tattoo placed on them, to make the distinction in some middle-eastern country on CNN last night.  You have many misinformed people talking about a RFID chip and how they will refuse them because it will be planted on the hand or forehead.  Well, gee, how about if they will agree to put it on your leg?  Foolishness.  About as bad as buildings not having a 13th floor.  Consider the World Trade Towers.  Did it matter?  The devil has people so confused as to what it means, a smokescreen, so when the real deal is presented, they, those who don’t know prophecy would have easily been secured in receiving it while protecting their hands and forehead!

What IS the “Mark of the Beast”?  It “may not” have anything to do with any actual, physical mark, using credit cards instead of money, this infamous “one world order” stuff we’re hearing.  We know the “beast” is the “papacy”.  What has distinguished the papacy from any other religious organization?  The answer is simple:  they changed the day of God’s worship from Saturday to Sunday.

Going back to the first death upon this planet occurred when Cain assassinated his brother as a direct result of worship.  God specifically told their parents how to worship and Cain decided to offer his best which was not good enough nor accepted.  As a result of his deed he received a distinguishable mark which actually protected him from those seeking revenge.  The object here was “worship”.  The object in our time, our soon-to-be-time will also involve worship.  You see, the third angel’s warning message in Revelation 14 speaks about “worship” according to the Commandments of God.  Let’s make this quite clear:  those of you who worship on Sunday, and I’m speaking about ‘congregational worship’, going to church, are not worshiping according to God’s Commandment but the tradition of man, more specifically the papacy.  This is the distinction.  God’s Day or Man’s Way?

There is coming a time, very soon, I might add, where you will have to make a choice.  We’re hearing already about “Family Day” and setting aside all work so “families” can have a day for building and growing especially in lieu of the contaminating influences of homosexuality which is creeping around so the church which won’t stand for it, along with the civil authorities with make laws outlawing immoral lifestyles and make the stand it is through the Church (Roman Catholic) which can put an end to this type of lifestyle, along with abortions, promiscuity, etc.  Sounds convincing, doesn’t it?  And throw in “global warming”.  Yet, if you study religious history you are more than aware whenever the civil authority got together with the religious authority, it meant trouble.  You can consult with Christ about that and ask Him how that worked out for Him!

So, when that law is made clear and national, you will then have to decide what you will do.  I can tell you right now, like Joshua, “As for me and my house, we’re going to follow the Lord”, so there will not be any Sunday church going, family-day pushing, excuse in the Martin household.  I’ll take the consequences of the law.  However, those of you who will chose otherwise and accept the now legal position of the world and follow the law will THEN receive the “Mark of the Beast” which is “Sunday Worship” when the National Law has been pronounced.  I’ll be getting the “Seal of God” which may not seem preferred but believe me, at the end of the day, you’re going to have wished you, too, stood up against the rule of law which first will begin in the United States and then spread outward to other countries.

My friends, don’t concern yourself with some form of ID, mark, tattoo, chips, numbers implanted, etc., because it has nothing to do with this.  It has everything to do with what prophetically speaking your hand and forehead represent.  Your hand represents what you do and your forehead represents what you think.  This is why regarding the Mark of the Beast you are able to have it in one or both places:  What you do as well as what you think.  The “Seal of God” is only given in one place, the forehead, because it is what you believe, regarding God, which will protect you and seal you from the Time of Trouble, those plagues you’ve heard which will occur on the planet.  And, by the way, there’s no “Secret Rapture” to enable you to escape them.  Did the Children of Israel escape from Egypt’s plagues?  No, they continued to live right in the midst of them but were not affected.  God has given us examples in His Word, if only we would combine both Testaments and stop making up stuff.

Let’s God’s Word be true and all else be considered lies.  And, oh, talking about lies.  Just like Cain.  You think you are offering your best on Sunday?  Ask Cain how that worked out for him!  Don’t be guilty of the same.

June 18, 2015


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