On this Sabbath day, I’ve spent a lot of time reading, listening and writing.  I’ve been encouraged to write this piece which will probably end my writing for this day except for the Sabbath closing remarks within the next hour and a half.  It is also a message which need to go out especially since I have many who are members whether actively or by tradition on the rolls of my friendship list and it will be interesting to see how that number will go down after the posting of this document.  I’ve already seen a decline because of some pointed, direct and no-holding-back Truth of late.  So, no, I can and will never be one of those who could be accused of writing those sappy posts about preaching “love” and “Jesus loves you while in your sin” messages.  I cannot be a member of that group.  I can and desire to be in the group which are not afraid to post messages of Truth, no matter how many toes it crunches upon.  Now, for some toes.

Mary is dead!  So, what’s the point of your allegiance, observance, patronizing, ritualizing and often ridiculous formality and practices regarding her?  Let’s make this practical:  If you have money and I ask you for a loan is it possible I might receive something?  I think the answer is:  yes.  Now, if you are dead how good of a chance might I have in getting anything?  The answer is quite simple:  none.  So, all those little flowers I see you buy from vendors, candle lightings and photos, the crossing yourself when you pass churches or some other so-called hallowed place is worthless.  God doesn’t have a mother and certainly not one you can appeal for special favors.

While certainly this young lady was chosen as a vessel to carry and give birth to Christ, this didn’t put her into any position of favoredness beyond you or I!  She doesn’t carry any influence with God and surely cannot persuade God to do what He wants to do.  She was a woman.  She had her faults.  She sinned like you and I have sinned and if she hadn’t prayed during her lifetime to request repentance for her sins, well, she, too will be dancing on coals of fire in that day when all reckoning will occur.  She’s dead and cannot hear you.  She cannot see you.  She’s dead.

I think it’s a shame when I visited some shrine, I believe it was in Baguio City and I noticed how the idol of Mary was crowded and only a few patrons were in front of Christ’s statue which was further down the hill.  Had to climb steps to see her idol and yet had to go downhill to see Christ’s idol and didn’t have to wait in line either.  Your silliness, naiveté and foolishness in revering pieces of wood or marble will not grant you any privileges.  So, if you’re wondering why prayers are not being answered, well, the answer is simple:  You’re praying to a dead woman.  Now, her Son is alive and has been waiting to hear from you.


Why not give Him a try!


March 14, 2015


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