An Attempt to Guide Mrs. White—Brother E suggests that it would please the people if I speak less about duty and more in regard to the love of Jesus. But I wish to speak as the Spirit of the Lord shall impress me. The Lord knows best what His people need. I spoke in the forenoon [Sabbath, October 17] from Isaiah 58. I did not round the corners at all.—Manuscript 26, 1885. {3SM 64.1}

I read this quotation and loved what I read.  Did you catch the important message which is being conveyed?  It seems many criticize those of us who wish to stand for Truth no matter how it might be received by the populace.  We’re often told to spend more effort in “love” instead of “duty” or “laws” but doesn’t the Law embody both?  Don’t they both go together equally?  Think of it as regarding children.  Do you not chastise, correct and punish your child in love?  Does not love mean you are willing to cause that child discomfort in whatever form it may take in order to reach them to have them go in the right direction?

Don’t get it twisted.  Yes, Jesus showed great compassion when here with the populace, but I read in other places where He overturned tables, whipped people, chased people, called them names, all in the name of “love”, too.  I read where when a woman was brought before Him He gave the permission, “go ahead, stone her, but who here among you have not sinned?”  For the benefit of the woman, I’m sure she was glad the only one who could answer to that quality was the one protecting her, but the point is, He, had to let her know, “Go and don’t do it again!”

There comes that point in our lives where we need to hear those words, “This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you!”  How many of you are suffering from illness, financial debt, broken families, and other hardships?  Is this love or correction for a sin of your making?  Why can it not be both, coming from God, because it will, as the Good Book says, bring about the necessity of saving your soul!

I’m thankful for a God who knows how to whip me when I need whipping.  I’m thankful, too, He’s shown His exacting love because of His “duty” toward me.  Can I not be the same with you, exhibiting both “love” and “duty” when I write messages which may not seem so loving but they’re based in love?

I love you even if I must tell you the Truth.


February 26, 2015


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