For many of us, having grown as third generation Seventh Day Adventist, there has been a trend, a “deadly” trend which is captivating the minds and leading many away from the foundational principles of our great church.  Consider this, I’m not unique as many of our grandparents came from nominal churches, came from the worldly practices such as Sunday worship, improper diet and accepted the Spirit of Prophecy writings as God’s Word for these endtimes.  Our parents might have seemed strict, but they were convinced and brought us up in a manner which defined our relationship, to God, in a church which had involvement in our appearance, eating, socializing and worship.  We were different from our peers outside the network of our church.  Many of us attended public school and know what it is to be different and although uncomfortable at times, it made us stronger, developing our character as leaders and not followers, albeit we had moments of rebellion but would later learn, what had been handed down to us, was indeed truth, and there was no getting away from that fact.

Until, something happened!

The enemy snuck into the encampment and began sprouting a deception of “love”, and has many of us retracing the steps our grandparents and sadly because of this, we’re beginning to make the same claims as nominal churches, looking like them and thinking salvation is within our reach—still!  Today, our foundational principles are being kicked aside and we explain it as “love”!  How does one explain holding a “healthy” cooking class, in a Seventh Day Adventist Church, whose message is vegetarianism, known by the world as such, and the demonstration contains meat?  How does one explain when there were no secondary man-made holes in our ears and adornments around our neck and now we’re sprouting dazzling forms of idolatry which was not present in our grandparents generation, for them having removed such, and our parents hadn’t done it, and now having left the nest ourselves we’re repeating the rebellion and stating it is our “love” for God which matters and not our persons!

It would not be so bad if our sin were not so public and yet we claim to be—still, a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  When posts of having attended a music festival, watching secular artists of our youth and still much admired, but the major problem is it was held on the Sabbath day!  Or, when photos are taken of us imbibing alcoholic beverages, meat gracing our tables, all these issues our parentage have gotten over and now we ARE looking like the “world”.  The “world” not necessarily being those outside the church altogether, but the “world” being nominal churches and we’ll use the defense it was our “laws” which drove people away.  Interesting play on words because for a fact, it was our “laws” which have driven them away who once graced the pews learning truth but apparently it was not attractive enough to keep you within the foundational principles of God’s “remnant” church!

So, we sought to “create” another form of Adventist church, not a part of any conference.  At least those in self-supporting (Layman) Adventist churches have a conference, whose very similitude would be hard-pressed to deny it is of the faith, but I’m speaking about those cultic ones which have branched out, like the various Baptists churches which are set up because of an idea of someone who didn’t like the foundational principles and thought “love” would be a better answer, so let’s “breakaway” and “progression” which is really “regression” become the message we will “sell” to the world because we’ve bought into the lie of this “love” which is truly “apostasy” but we can’t see it—yet, because of the appeal of doing things differently, from what we were raised and come to know as “truth”!

When we lower standards for the purpose of making ourselves comfortable and claim it as a manner of witnessing, you don’t have progression but regression.  When you separate yourselves from God’s “called out” remnant church and body to form separate and grouped believers of like minds for the mere reasoning of comfortableness, under the guise of “love”, you have placed yourselves out of bounds, almost out of reach, having formed an “image” because apostasy is now your worship and you can’t see it.  Think about it for a moment and value the truth in this statement:  aren’t those who you once considered outside the Seventh Day Adventist church apostasy?  Can those who are involved in this worship see themselves as being apostates?  How would you be able to determine if you have followed this same methodology when you can admit they couldn’t see it and you “did” at one time, but cannot today!

Too often we are using this word, “love” as a mechanism to justify our wrong action, our selfish action because we become the focus of worship, relationship and life, when it not about what we want, how we want, but Christ and what He has done.  By leaving that which He established as “His” church, you have done the very same thing Sunday churches have been doing since BEFORE the Reformation and you have taken the term “reform”, applied it to yourselves and regressed to what our church was before 1846!  What’s next, for you, worshipping on Sunday?  Oops, that’s already taking place, all in the name of “love”.

Apostasy is very real.  It will come disguised as a form of “love”.


September 29, 2015