This morning, in my devotions, came across this quotation:

“While good works will not save even one soul, yet it is impossible for even one soul to be saved without good works. God saves us under a law, which we must ask if we would receive, seek if we would find, and knock if we would have the door opened unto us.”

This is a difficult topic for most to receive because it is often viewed in one of three instances, yet they fail to realize there is a blending of both.  The three groups are as follows:  (1) Those who believe keeping the Ten Commandments (works) will save them, (2) One does not have to keep the Ten Commandments, but belief (grace) is enough, and (3) doesn’t matter what one does or believe because God saves everyone.  Well, none of these three positions are accurate and will do you any good!

If you study the incident in Matthew 19, involving the young ruler, you will see Jesus’s answer regarding such.  Jesus quite blankly told the young man there were “works” required and cited the Ten Commandments.  When the young man indicated he’d done those, but still felt himself lacking, Jesus put upon him a condition he couldn’t handle, and as the Scripture states, he went away, “sorrowfully”.

It needs to be acknowledged, I, Bro. Roy, don’t keep the Ten Commandments because they guarantee me a place in heaven, nor do I feel obligated to do so.  I keep the Ten Commandments because I love God and desire to do what He’s asked me to do.  I recognized I am saved by “grace”, this “gift” of God, because of His Son, Christ, so it is a blending of “works” and “grace” which is required to enter into Heaven.

So many are under the belief that when they come to God and receive pardon for their sins, it is enough to receive eternal life, there are no requirements.  This is a false teaching.  Jesus kept the Law, I must keep the Law.  He is our great example.  He came to die to vindicate God’s Law so how could I say the Law is not good and credible!  I would never say such a thing, but to keep them strictly out of obligation not done in love is worthless.  Yes, then I can see how the Law could be a task master, when in actuality, it is my friend, guide and resource.  Like I use a thermometer to gauge the temperature outside as well as my own personal temperature to know if I’m okay, the Law helps me to know if I am “okay” in God’s eyes and our relationship is on the right track.  I don’t want to disappoint God and it is my desire to stay on track and the Ten Commandments helps me to accomplish this, plus, it helps me to maintain a proper relationship with you!  How can anyone exists without them and expect to inherit eternal life is beyond me.

My friends, we need the Ten Commandments and we need “Grace” working together in order for us to be saved.  You cannot have one without the other for they work together for our betterment.


October 15, 2014


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