With what has occurred since the ruling Friday by the United States Supreme Court regarding the legalization of homosexual “marriage”, I need to make something clear because the issue really falls upon two points:  (1) Homosexuals have every right to be able to contract “civil” unions, performed by the State and have whatever rights afforded by the State, (2) It is not a matter of love regarding homosexuals because God loves them.  It is an issue regarding acceptance.  God does not accept their lifestyle, which gives me, as a Christian, the right to not accept their lifestyle either.

One woman apparently from the same belief, or church, from my pastor-friend who commented he was glad to be able to “marry” them, in church, sent me the following message:

“Before we took our first breath God knew us fully and claimed us in love and affirmation, calling us to righteousness. And so you and I are called– not to declare condemnation but a mercy more vast than human hearts can imagine. US law now more perfectly reflects this radical love of God yet throughout history humans have claimed that an “obligation to God’s law justified their cruelty–beating children and women inside the boundary of marriage because both were to be subject to men; justifying slavery because no explicit challenge to the institution could be found in Scripture; even claiming to the point of executing those who said otherwise that the earth was the center of the solar system; and lately blindly ignoring the damage being done to earth’s climate. Jesus looked out over his religious community and just such religious blindness and said with deep sorrow: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling. Behold, your house is being left to you desolate!… Pray to receive compassion, beyond condescension, to be changed, God’s radical love wants dearly and deeply to include you”

As if God’s love excludes me due to my belief He has established!  It is not I who has chosen to step out of God’s Law or preferred lifestyle.  It is not I who have the problem but those who not only “accept” this lifestyle but as equally wrong those who “practice” this lifestyle.  I am completely flustered by those Christians, especially Adventist, who are afraid to stand to principle with a misapplication of “love” and “accepts” them in their now open defiance of God’s Law.  I can NEVER accept them, but I can love them, without any hatred, but if you are asking me to accept your choice and desire to live outside of God’s intended purpose for the state of marriage, then you’re asking me to accept sin, and I cannot.  God cannot so why do you expect me to do what God won’t do?

Yes, God’s love might be characterized as “radical”, but it would be a totally radical God to accept the homosexual lifestyle and even to think they could be saved eternally in His kingdom when He returns.  I know God is able to radically save them from their sin IF they are willing to repent, be forgiven and healed from this demonic choice of life.  Make no mistake, it is a “choice”, not genetic or any other justification for it.  Sure, there may have been a dispensation due to something occurring in one’s childhood, which makes me fearful for those children exposed to such, but eventually it becomes a choice.  Sin is always a choice and it is in choosing Christ which counters sinful choices when we welcome Him into our lives.

No, I can and do “love” you and will pray for you, but don’t expect me to “accept” your lifestyle because not only is it repulsive to me, but even causes God to be repulsed.


June 29, 2015


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