Contemplating this question which was asked of our Lord, by His followers, left me in deep thought as to our own circumstances.  I found it interesting, when Christ shared there was someone, amongst themselves, who would betray Him, not one of them thought about the other.  No one was sure about someone else, as much as they weren’t sure about them own selves!  It is amazing how it is so much easier to suspect someone not being like ourselves, yet in this moment of crises, the focus became themselves.

Interesting how nobody suspected Judas.  He gets this bad rap, but while he was flying under the radar, introspection became the concern.  It is and should no longer be how many Judas’s might be around us as much as it is, “Am I okay?  Lord, is it I?”

The Bible states our hearts are wicked and who can even know it!  We have no clue what we are capable until circumstances should bring us to a point we’ve never been.  We think there is something good about ourselves, and again, the Bible crushes us when it states our “righteousness” is like the cloth used during menstruation!  So, in the close association with Christ, even among fellow believers, our “brothers and sisters”, the true and absolute issue is with ourselves—not them!  And if each of us consider this and appreciate it, we would all have a better chance for salvation because our inquiry becomes personal and directed—then, to the One who is able to succour us.

The time given when I am looking at you, is the time taken away when I should be examining my own life.  I might spend all my efforts, in getting you right and eventually walking on the streets of gold and have left mine own shipwrecked.  I know, now, what Paul meant about saving the whole world and himself being lost.

Lord, is it I?

July 15, 2015


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