Of late, I’ve been getting several inquiries as how to “convince” people, friends, loved ones, work associates, about certain truths.  There have been others asking about “how to witness” to others.  There are some basic truths those who ask these types of questions should realize:  (1) You don’t witness that which you don’t know!  It makes sense to witness that which you do know, and this comes from sharing your testimony.  Later, when you’ve accumulate experience and knowledge, then and only then are you ready to impart truth, (2) Whether you’re witnessing regarding your testimony and later doctrinal truths, it won’t matter to the majority of people and you have to learn a hard truth, yourself, and this is:  letting them go!

Consider Jesus who was Truth in Living Flesh.  He couldn’t convince many and albeit how difficult it was, for Him, He had to let them go.  When He left and sent the Holy Spirit whose job it is to “guide to all truth”, many reject Him.  If these two couldn’t do what you’re attempting and wanting to do, what makes you think you can do it better than them?  What right do you have when those friends and loved ones, even family members reject, not you, but the message you bring, for you to be overwhelmed with frustration and disappointment?  You hadn’t learn the most important part of witnessing:  letting them go.

Letting them go implies two important facts:  (1) If they accept, you have to let them go so they can continue to grow and learn to replicate what you have done, the same as the disciples then and you today, and (2) If they have not accepted, they will continue in this life being faced with what they’ve heard but the decision is really up to them, and sadly, many will “let go” themselves of the opportunity to gain salvation.  It’s not your fault, nor should it be a lasting concern, because you’ve “let them go”.

Keep in mind Someone greater than you, or I, knows what They’re doing and giving all They can give in order to bring these people to an understanding of Truth, but many will reject Truth for many reasons:  tradition, lies, false doctrine, all of which leads to a false understanding and false interpretation of the Scriptures, then a false comfort believing they are secured unto salvation and they will face certain disappointment in that day and Jesus, then, will do what you’re supposed to learn now, and this is, “letting them go”.

When Jesus says, “Depart from Me.  I never knew you…” He’s not talking about the world which never accepted Him.  He’s speaking to those of the church who had the privilege of calling Him, “Lord”, but alas, they didn’t do what He said to do.  What could possibly be any expectation, for them, other than, “letting them go”?


October 31, 2014


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