This is not to embarrass anyone and definitely not my friend, but it is to help him to see the ridiculous way of thinking regarding the Sabbath issue.  When the question was asked and we were talking about it, he made this statement:  “God gave the Sabbath to the Jews.”  I asked him, “So, it makes sense, to you, God would create the Sabbath and then wait to give it to some people 2,500 years later?”  He responds, “You’re thinking like a man.  You have to begin thinking like God.”  Hmmm, and he does?

Now, this is from a man who believes he knows his Bible and yet fumbled the ball when it came to the very first chapter.  He did not know man was created “before” the Sabbath was created.  Then, after checking he comes back and retracts his statement, which was wise, but it had no effect on his argument.  So, it makes one wonder, what else is he not seeing, especially since he’s supposed to think like God!

So, let’s make another analogy to easily explain what appears to be so complicated to so many people.

Supposed when you were born your parents taught you about the day of your birth.  They talked about all the presents, the cake and ice-cream, having friends over for a party, but this would not occur until you were 25!  Would it make sense to you?

Well, the same idiotic concept is present when you believe God created and gave the Sabbath to people 2,500 years AFTER He made the first one with the first man and his wife standing nearby.  I could imagine Adam and Eve saying, if this gentleman’s argument was correct, “What about us?”

What about us?  Good question.

No man has ever been left out of God’s original plan.  Each one of us has had an opportunity to know God, to follow God and to live according to the plan He has developed for each and every one of us, excluding none.  Can you imagine this same loving and great God destroying people for not doing what He’s asked them to do, never mind not telling them why?  I think not!

However, if you choose to use your own thinking, which is often not rational, then you have doomed yourself because God does not put anything in “fine” print.  It’s right there!  You didn’t catch the first point about man being created before the Sabbath.  So, maybe there are other things you are not seeing either, or is it because you choose not to see?


March 26, 2016