Have you ever ran into those Christians who speak about how “sincere” they are regarding their love for God?  How many times you have heard, “God knows my heart”.  Yes, He does.  The problem is, YOU DON’T!  They use this “sincerity” as their method of obtaining salvation.  They think all they have to do is to do good and love their fellowman.  Then the old adage comes to light, and it is, “The way to hell is paved by good intentions—sincerity!”  And while one may be sincere in what they think, believe and do, one can also be sincerely wrong!

The definition of sincere is:  “free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.”  Have you ever felt truly good about something and come to realized it was wrong?  I’m not talking about relationships with other people because one can truly never know another, but I’m talking about something more assured, concrete, maybe even a religious belief and to learn what you believed all along was not the truth.  This can be quite devastating.  Nobody wants to believe what they believe is not true, and even with sincerity and integrity of heart, they will go about disagreeing and fighting for what they believe.  This is called, my friends, “unbelief”, in its truest form.

Had anybody ever looked into the first three letters of the word, “sincere”?  Would anybody be interested in what the latin word “cere” means?  It means to wrap a corpse.  I am thinking right about now your previous idea regarding being sincere is not quite the way it used to be.  Perhaps this is why being “sincere” is so important for so many because what they have is not the truth.  You see, truth is truth and it doesn’t matter if you are sincere about it or not.  It is not dependent upon you, your thinking, your feeling and your willingness.  It even cares less whether or not you are “sincere” about it, but the question remains, “IS IT THE TRUTH?”

Is what you believe is truth?  Regardless of your sincerity, is what you believe the truth or not?  There is no gray area with truth.  Either it is truth or it is false.  Sincerity has value ONLY if what you believe is true, not wrong.  How many of you started out on a journey believing and sincerely believing the directions we thought we learned were not the true directions at all!  It didn’t matter how much effort, time and speed you put into heading in the direction you were sincere about, it didn’t change the fact you were wrong!  There is only one way to get to the place you’re headed and it takes knowing the truth, not being sincere.

God is looking more for your accepting of His truth, not being sincere.

abstract sincerity key drawn with chalk on blackboard

May 26, 2016