Taking my meditative walk, this morning, the thought occurred those of us in my generation will not have it as peaceful and fulfilling as the generation before us.  I think of my parents, both still living and in good health, retired and hopefully enjoying life.  Out of their children, two of us are retired, one still working and is looking forward to his retirement years.  Now, I’m not a “doomsayer” nor want to take the position of a “prophet of doom”, but I just don’t have the belief our years of retirement will be anything like our parents or their parents before them.  While sin has caused more deterioration in succeeding generations, our generation will probably live longer due to better medical care and prevention, which will precipitate us living longer and healthier lives.  And this will be good, or bad, depending upon your perspective.

This post is primarily for “Sabbath-keepers”.

Jeremiah didn’t have it so well when he began speaking about the siege of Jerusalem.  His mentioning about seventy years of enslavement and the once great city of God having lost their place didn’t sit too well with those on top of the scale—priests and king, nor the little guy.  So, I don’t see myself treated like royalty either when I share my view and belief of what we have to look forward to.

Difficult times are not ahead, but closer, just around the corner.  While many of you are in revolt of the Trump administration, commenting regarding Russia, Immigration and Healthcare, there are more relative and significant considerations.  What we saw and heard in the United Kingdom just a few hours ago will become commonplace.  I had to chuckle when I thought about what I would write, regarding endtime events, and realized, I cannot “run across the street” never mind run to the mountains and hills when we really need to consider getting out of the cities—now.  I don’t see ourselves having much capital to invest and enjoy, as our parents did, when we won’t be able to “buy nor sell” anyway.  I don’t see us having these newly built houses of worship, like a “Place for Grace” in Cleveland, when we will be seeking “grace” in a “place” found in a cave somewhere.

We can go about like the ostrich hiding his head in the sand, or we can stay forewarned, watchful and knowledgeable.  I, like you, have a great interest in what is happening now.  Yes, I would rather enjoy an affluent, sedate, enjoyable retirement.  I would like to continue visiting countries, buying gadgets and reading books, listening to music.  I would like to think I can continue enjoying good meals and fellowship with like believers and friends.  I would like to think I would live happily and healthy until the morning when everyone is awakening but I had breathed my last breath during the night unnoticeable, with a smile on my face, later reported on Facebook, “Roy has passed peacefully last night…”  But, I don’t think this will be the case for my generation.

I see our parents continually shutting their eyes for the last time growing more and more prevalent.  I see our children and grandchildren going through very difficult and extreme days, wishing they were us or having not been born, and perhaps some of us will have the same regret regarding them, regardless of the joy we experienced when they first came into the world.  The world will not treat them very well.  While we realize we are on our “last leg” of this journey and what should be their “beginning” will perplex and frustrate us.  While thoughts regarding education, future marriages and the creating of homes will all pass away as we now truly seek God for our daily subsistence wherever we are able to find it.  I’ve lived on the run, several times, and I can tell you this, it is not fun, especially when you are older and more sensitive to the elements than in your twenties and thirties.

Some of us have never been inside a courtroom, even for a traffic ticket, will find ourselves there shackled and subjected to some of the most caustic language describing our character and activity, none of which is true but you are not able to say one word for your defense.  I know what this feels like.

We will begin hearing, seeing and experiencing the loss of lives of family, friends and church members due to catastrophic events which never before occurred in our cities and towns and to the extreme they will occur.  What we see on Fox News or CNN, in the past will pale by comparison by what we are seeing now.  Legislation, marshal law and other civil respectabilities will become crushing, overbearing realities upon our lives.  How many will have wished for the former days, thinking your life would not have had to undergo what you, we, are experiencing now during our time of retirement?

This is what I believe is our future and where we are steadily headed.  Again, it is a matter of perspective because for those who know prophecy are able to see the end from the beginning, while those who do not, can only see the beginning and no end.  This will not be a happy time except for those who have learned to “tarry”.  Can you “tarry”?

March 23, 2017