“This reading matter may do them good sometime. The light must be introduced into families by reading matter, if we cannot get them to come and hear.” (1MR 150.3)

I’m sure you have encountered person or persons with whom you have an association who just will not listen and will debate you at every point, them finding nothing of value in whatever you do or say.  However, it is interesting because it seems whatever you write, is read, understood even if not necessarily believed!  So, “Let Them Read!”

For many, a witness will take place simply by writing, stating your point and then leave it alone.  You cannot win any ground with a person who wishes to be argumentative.  Consider this, too, if they admit you are correct regarding your view, then it means they have to admit they were wrong, and for many they’re not able to do this—yet, but give them time.  There are about to be some very significant life-changing events which are going to take place which will have them reconsider what you’ve said to them.  Their churches cannot present the light and truth in the way which is given in the Three Angel’s Messages.  Think about it:  No church teach this message because they do not understand it, and if they were to understand it they could not attend the church they’re attending!

But, we don’t stop, and should not stop.  WRITE.  This will be the key for a majority of persons as a witness to them.  WRITE and then LEAVE IT ALONE.  The fact they comment, even negatively, on what you have written means they’ve read it, understood what you have written, and if they feel compelled to write anything, it is because they’re in battle.  The enemy still desires their soul and the conflict they’re having is not with you—personally, or the matter they’ve read, but with the enemy who wants to continue his grip on their lives.  However, little by little, as they continue the desire to look at your posts, read your writing, it is because the Holy Spirit is drawing them out from the hold of the enemy.  So, continue to write and be assured they will continue to read, and pray they will take ahold of the benefit.


September 19, 2016