A brother recently stated as regarding one of the Adventist pioneers, Mr. William Miller, was in error regarding his prediction Christ would return in 1844, therefore the whole Adventist Movement was in error! This is tantamount to saying the Disciples mistake in regards to Christ coming as King and establishing the Nation of Israel, therefore the whole Christian Movement is in error. Such a ridiculous statement! on both accounts. We can be thankful Mr. Miller was given the motivation to search the Scriptures because as a direct result of his error what he learned and what Adventism teaches that Christ did do something that fateful day, for it was the end of the 2,300 day prophecy of Dan. 8:14, and Christ did begin something, the actual judging of His people began.

People are not motivated to do anything in lieu of a tragic moment UNTIL that moment is happening, then it is too late. Many churches began preaching the second return of Christ, which hadn’t prior, and Christ told us to observe the signs of heaven and what effect they would have on Earth. We’re doing this today. We’re also warning people of the imminent and soon return of Christ. This is not a suggestion but a warning because judgment is being done, cases are being decided, and when Christ returns, it’s too late to get it together then. Ever wonder why the Bible says in Rev. 22:11 when He comes, “His reward is with Him!” One cannot reward unless it has already been decided. Most churches teach that the judgment will take place AFTER Christ’s comes. This is a fallacy. How would He then know who is saved or lost. Common sense dictates this.

No, we can thank Mr. Miller for his willingness to be a student of prophecy and learn through his error. We can thank Mr. Miller for sharing this truth. Think about it, had he not been willing, then we’d all be living under the pretence Christ’s return is in the future. Oh, it still is, but not as far in the future as you might think or wish.

Christ is soon to come. Are you ready?


June 15, 2014


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