I had a good conversation with a young sister who asked the question, “How do you let it go?”  I gave her this illustration:

Suppose you have a rock in your hand and you dropped it.  This is letting go.  There is no longer any relationship between you and this particular rock.  However, you are still in the vicinity of this rock and the first impulse will be to bend (bow) in order to pick up this rock.  It is in this position you should do something else called, “prayer”.  When you’ve straighten yourself back the rock remains and you move forward.

We’re often told to take our burdens to the Lord and leave them there.  How many of you have these duffel bags, army lockers full of issues, problems and unresolved pain and muster enough strength to bring them to the Lord and after you have placed them at His feet, you open the suitcase and remove a small sandwich bag-size of the darling problem then part company with Christ?  That’s the problem.  Most of us don’t really want to “let it go”.  We want to deal with it on our own terms knowing the truth, we can’t.  But it gives us something to do.  It becomes our purpose in life.  Personally, this is a sad, very sad commentary about ourselves.

In my journey with substance abuse addiction, I learned God on many occasion had to let me go.  He had to back away and allow me to continue bumping my head until I got tired of the results I couldn’t do any better.  I had to come to Him broken and bleeding…did you get the point?  I had to “come to Him” because He had “let me go” so I could have the opportunity of coming to Him.  If I had all this energy to continue destroying myself then I had to have the energy to make it back to Him.  I found Him exactly where I left Him, rather, He left me.  The same story is often repeated about the “Prodigal Son”.  The young man had to return home where the father was keeping vigil for his lost son.  This is repeated many times in our own lives.

Whether it is a personal problem, a friend, family or other loved one, to often effect the best possible solution in ridding this issue is by walking away from it or them.  We have to leave whatever it is at the foot of the cross knowing and believing God has already taken ahold of it and will work His will to whatever course which is best.  If we are worrying, we haven’t let it go.  Many of us cannot get on with our own lives because we’re still too involved in the lives of others.  I learned this demonstration of “true love” from those who cared/should have cared the most about me.  I called my mother in the midst of my addiction, homeless and addicted out of my mind, on the phone and said, “I’m coming home.”  She responded, “What home?”  She was making it clear there was no “home” where she could be found.  My own beloved brother after having walked four hours in a blizzard to reach his home allowed me to stay the night but made it clear this was “his” home and he liked it that way.  So, on the morrow of a bitterly cold December 25th morning, I made my way, not knowing where to go; how to get there but there was Someone who knew exactly where He was taking me.  That journey has gotten me to where I am today and I’m healed!  All because people knew how to “let it, it being “me”, go”.

Remember, some of the best treatment given in the toughest situations is when you take your hand away and allow your mind to pray.


March 7, 2015


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