Law vs law

While reading my morning’s devotion, I came across this passage:

“If the Gentiles, who had but the light of nature, were inexcusable, much more the Jews, who had the light of the law, the revealed will of God, and so had greater helps than the Gentiles.”—Matthew Henry

As a former editor for the IBM Corporation, I continue to make “editorial corrections” even in whatever I read today.  For example, when I came upon the word, “law” in the quoted sentence, my eye will gravitate to the word and determine if it needs to be capitalized.  If it is capitalized, it represents God’s Law, better known as the Ten Commandments, or it will remain with a lower-cap “l” which represent what is referred to as the Mosaic Law.  It is interesting no matter who you might believe responsible, God or Moses, it is God who is responsible for them both!

But, this is what is most interesting:  When people, more specifically, “Christians” who read this quotation will not read it properly and develop theories and doctrine which totally destroys the meaning of the verse, yet the Jews would have no trouble in deciphering what Paul is trying to say to those who would read Romans 2.  And such, it is the latter group, ‘Christians” which are not able to see they are in fact, “Jews” by Paul’s writings will miss the established fact AND distinction between the “Law” and “law”, and will not find salvation in either because of not being able to understand the difference.  You see, they, “Christians” for the most part, believe their salvation is of Christ, when Christ, in fact, represents the “Law of God”, which the “law of Moses” was the type, and it is He, Christ, who use the very same “Law” and you should know which one, in order to bring judgment upon this world.

Now, there are those who are under the belief when Christ came He instituted a whole new set of “laws” or “commands” which superseded His Father.  They will use complicated terms, New and Old Covenant, Dispensations, etc., to do away with what they regard as something not necessary, when it essence it demonstrates a reticence regarding “law” and what it stands for because it is something they’ll confess they’re not able to do, not needing to do in order to achieve the end result: heaven.  They fail to see the enemy, satan (and I NEVER capitalize his name although being a proper noun—writer’s liberty), too, was reticent about keeping God’s Law and don’t you find it humorous yet sad at the same time those who believe they don’t need to keep the Law, like satan, think they’ll enter heaven when the other was kicked out of heaven because of it!

No, there should not be any confusion regarding the two (2) laws as being separate and distinct yet pointing toward each other for the benefit of mankind.  Have you benefited by both?  If your claim is “no”, then you do not understand and you need to do so before it is too late!

By the way, regarding the quoted sentence, it would not have mattered which “law” indicated, for it is one of the few times you will find it could represent either and yet be an absolute truth.


November 2, 2016