Many people confuse what is the “Law of God” and what happened with it.  Many believe it is no longer necessary but don’t know how this came to be.  Many are under the misconception, they’re under the “Law of Christ” as if this could be a reason to put away the Law of God!  Christ was the epitome of the Law of God and kept it whereby those of us who know the “truth” regarding the Law of God are able to successfully keep it, in Him.  And, when we have failed and must pay the penalty of death, it is what He did on the cross, paying that penalty, which permits me to be the recipient of His righteousness.  What a beautiful illustration it is.

Daniel in his prophetic message made it very clear,

“And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.” Dan 8:12 (KJV)

Those powerful words, the “little horn”, which represents the papacy, would do when it took power.  It would, “cast down the truth to the ground”.  In other words, the papacy is responsible for having taken God’s Law and made an attempt to get rid of it.  Sadly, many Christians today are proof of what took place by their disregard of God’s Law.

How did David describe what is “truth”?  That truth which was cast down,

“Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth. “ Psalms 119:142 (KJV)

“Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth.” Psalms 119:151 (KJV)

Did it say anything about “Christ’s Law” or what Christ has done?  Does it imply anything having to do with the Apostles? Long before there was any Apostle, before there was any Jewish/Israeli, long before there was any Earth, there was “God’s Law!”

Is it any wonder the very center of the Bible, which is also the longest chapter in the Bible, would be focused on God’s Law!  I have taken the liberty to share a photo I took when traveling to Baguio, Philippines, and it is displayed in various places, how the papacy has attempted to manipulate and destroy the truth of God’s Law.  Those knowing God’s Law as given in Exodus 20 will see how it has been changed.  How the worship of idols has been eliminated.  How the 4th Commandment has been altered and moved to the 3rd!  This is the deception which would be placed upon this world and many, too many, are following blindly this misconception thinking they are doing what God has commanded.  Sadly, even those who are sincere regarding their faith are “sincerely” wrong and it won’t help them when the time of Judgment is accomplished because no matter how the enemy has at(tempted) to deceive you, you have been given an opportunity to learn the truth for yourself!

Anyone teaching you Sunday is God’s day of congregational worship and to be kept “holy” is teaching you a lie.  They’ve been deceived and wish you to join with them.  Anyone bowing to statues and honoring a dead woman, Mary, have been deceived into thinking these actions will give them legal standing in God’s eyes are deceived and you need to learn the “truth”.

We don’t have much time left, some of us even shorter time remains because we do not know the time when our lives will come to an end.  For some of you, it will be today.


January 3, 2015


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