It is interesting as I’m reading and studying, “Justification By Faith”, to see how both the “Law” and the “law” became stumbling blocks to the people in ancient times as well as people in these times.

Jesus demonstrated what man needed to do in order to prepare to receive and accept forgiveness when He would make the ultimate sacrifice. Yet, by the time Christ would come, His church would have so polluted the concept, it was thought, rather, required people would “work” the “law” in order to be saved. They could not recognize what Christ did, for everyone, was a gift being offered outside of any effort because there is nothing we could do, intrinsically to warrant our being saved except by acceptation of God toward us. It wasn’t anything we did or could do, but what He did because of His love for us.

Fast forward to our time and we find ourselves guilty of the same! There so much attention focused on the “Law” we forget there is no salvation in the “Law” but that of Christ’s redeeming us from the penalty of the “law” because of His great love toward us. In fact, there has been a division within God’s church regarding the “Law” where the majority believe it doesn’t apply to them, and the minority has majored in their attempt at keeping it making it a requirement for salvation, which it was never meant to do!

Now, only those who understand the difference between “Law” and “law” will understand the whole gist of this post. Neither will save us, although both has played and to some extent still plays a role in our salvation. However, when we attempt to do anything without the basis of “love”, which is what God demonstrates to us, then it is pretty much mechanical, worthless and doesn’t serve any common good to God or to anyone else. God couldn’t nor wouldn’t have sent His Son to die for any of us if there wasn’t love involved. There is no provision made for us to do anything for God or for our fellows if there is not love involved. However, the opposite side of the same coin is this: when there IS love for God and our fellows, THEN we desire to express it in ways which will please them. Love can’t help itself when wanting to dote on someone or even something!

This Sabbath Day, let’s not keep the Sabbath because it is a commandment given, by God, to man to observe, but we observe it because we love God and wish to demonstrate our love by doing it because we know it pleases Him, and He is pleased to have given it to us, because He loves us, wanting to create a period of time for us—both, to come together and show so much love toward each other!
Love is an intangible ideal which is accomplished by tangible methods.

July 25, 2015


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