“They were right all along!  I cannot believe it was so simple and yet it was true.  It was really true and now it is too late, for me.  For me and my family because I brought them up to believe as I.  I thought Pastor was correct and although I never saw it written in Scripture, we, all of us, the whole congregation believed and now I’m seeing it is too late.  It was all wrong.  All wrong!  How could this have happened?

“I never hurt anyone.  I believe I had a good heart and treated my neighbor well.  I didn’t hate anyone and loved everyone no matter how they treated me.  I gave my dues and offerings.  I assisted in feeding the hungry, clothing the homeless and providing some help for those who lost their parents.  In fact, we took in and helped an addict until they were able to get on their feet and look, all of that didn’t matter.  It just didn’t matter, after all.

“I don’t know how long I am going to be able to remember this, what is happening right now.  Probably as long as my brain continues to function.  They said times were going to be bad, very bad.  Earthquakes, catastrophes and such, but this was pretty common and occurred regularly, even if I wasn’t aware.  The world is a pretty big place and CNN and Fox News covered most of it, but guy can only see so much of what was happening.  But, what really gets me is it all surrounded a day!  A day!  I thought it didn’t matter as long as I went to church, was faithful and I was, but it was all wrong.  All wrong!

“I will never forget His look.  The way He looked me in the eye and I knew something was not right.  All around me people were being lifted and although I stretched my arms nothing happened.  I saw angels carrying small children and babies upward.  I saw buildings crumbling and people crying and screaming and perhaps deservedly so because of the way they lived their lives.  I know I was not perfect, nobody is, but would it, did it really have to come down to just believing in what those people taught?

“Those crazy people, well, bad description.  Fanatics.  That was what I said.  They were preaching and believed, only a few, but they believed about following the Jewish people’s belief about Saturday.  They looked good, I have to admit, because they didn’t eat what everybody else ate and my goodness, they seemed like they would never even get sick.  Old Johnson, worked with me for nearly 20 years and I cannot recall him ever taking a sick day.  Wow, could it really be true what he said about themselves?

“Oh, there he goes.  Johnson.  I wished I had taken him more seriously.  He said that there would come a time when he would have to leave the job and move his family away from the neighborhood.  He claimed times would be so difficult for him to be able to worship and he was right.  I remember when the law was changed.  The whole Constitution of the country was amended but don’t they do that kind of thing all the time?  For the benefit of the people?  Well, I thought so.

“But that look.  That look.  I saw His face and He looked me in the eye and I knew something was not right.  I saw the pain upon His face.  I could see He loved me but sadly He showed a lost love, for me.  It was as if He never knew me at all.  In fact, I felt those very words within the core of my being.  My soul.  I wanted so much to see this day and here it is and it is not working out the way I believed it would.

“It is beginning to get a little warm.  August never felt so warm like it is beginning to feel right now.  Maybe, just maybe there…no, I guess not.  I guess I didn’t make it.  No, I’m sure I didn’t make it.  And all I had to do was simply believe what the Bible really taught and not what I heard and thought.  I’ll never forget His look…

Don’t let this experience be yours.  Keep the Sabbath Day holy.


February 22, 2015


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