I like certain shows on television, more specifically, shows detailing detective investigations.  Over the years because of confinement, I have missed seasons of programming.  A typical series will have 24 episodes.  Most people will watch each episode when it is telecasted, spending one hour, or 24 hours to see a particular year’s viewing.  I chose to upload the entire season, bypassing weeks after weeks of waiting and anticipating as well as save about 17 minutes of viewing time.  I save almost 7 hours of time watching the same thing you have.  Now, imagine if I take that full season and increased the speed.  I can watch what took you 24 hours in less than an hour.  It’s the same show but it will make no sense.

Take the speeding train in the photo of this post.  It is the same train while stopped at the station.  It does not change, at all, even while in motion; however, while you see the same thing moving, you are unable to get off or on this same train once it has begun moving, at least not without injuring yourself!

Consider this quotation:

“The calamities by land and sea, the unsettled state of society, the alarms of war, are portentous. They forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude. The agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones.”—Testimonies for the Church, 9:11 (1909).

In having a discussion with a friend regarding another post I wrote regarding President Trump and Daniel 11, she makes the statement:

“Well Roy, I see it like this. Most people are not Bible literate. In this day and age we must be able to acknowledge and share things not only on our level of understanding, but also in “Layman’s” terms for those who may not have a full understanding in reading. This is for those who in reading Daniel and Revelation may be overwhelmed and say just forget it… The Lord will indeed give understanding to those who diligently seek Him… No matter what their understanding is…”

My response:

“People who are NOT Bible literate and do NOT take the time to be such, will find themselves searching and wanting when it will be too late. There is no excuse. We find excuses and time to do whatever it is we want, can watch a television series to completion, can go shopping when there is no need. Can work! Yet, cannot take the time to read “one” verse and do an in-depth study?!?!?! Nope, nada, zip. No excuse. That’s what the very first chapter in Rev. 1 promises a blessing for those who take the time to make the effort. I’m sure the blessing stated there covers anyone desiring to read Daniel past chapter 6.”

Isn’t it interesting, by contrast, there is a group of believers who believe time will continue going, and going, and going, pretty much like the “Energizer Bunny”, and they cannot see what is apparently right in front of them, having now the accepted belief there is much more time left, probably “after” their lifetime regarding end-time events, so they are lulled into “occupy until I come” mode.  You see, their train is still in the station waiting for people to get on board, at their convenience.  While on the other hand, you have people, like me, called “Watchmen” who are already on the same train which left that same station some time ago, and it is picking up speed to the point where those who need to get on will no longer be able.

At some point we need to make a decision.  We need to decide, for ourselves, if we are with the program of God and devote whatever time, energy and determination to study, observe and warn others of the imminent danger, or we simply need to stop fooling ourselves and go ahead and enjoy whatever pleasures there are because what we have now is all we’re ever going to have, and we need to stop wasting time going in the opposite direction thinking we’re headed the other way.  It’s no different than watching a speeding wheel with spokes.  You know the wheel is being turned in one direction, but does not the spokes appear to be going in the opposite?  There is a lesson to be learned by the optical illusion.

Some of our ideas regarding end-time events are, well, an illusion.  Some of us are completely disillusion about what will/is taking place around us.  It is particularly alarming to see my fellow Adventists who have decided to linger around the station, having arrived with so much baggage, have already chosen to bypass the Health Message and go for that cup of coffee, that wine, that lobster/shrimp dinner (as by one particular friend’s photo of recent) and then think they will be able to get on that train before it is too late!

There are others who have decided to wait until the last minute when their church will sound, supposedly, the warning, when it is time to leave the church and head over to the station and hope the church will have buses prepared to drive everybody to the train station before the deadline.  Sadly, when they arrive they will see the empty spot where the train already left, and they’ll be joining those who were already there but didn’t get on, standing in the window watching the train picking up speed, and can only see the back of it!  It will be too late.

We need to get that ticket punched—now!  We need to find our seats—now!  We need to stow away anything which will prevent us from having a comfortable ride—now!  Because we are getting ready to hit some fast-moving, bumpy and dangerous curves and although they will be rapid, we will not be shaken off.


March 2, 2017