When it was time for sacrifice, the petitioner of God had to know the lamb chosen to be slain as one which had no blemish or defect of character.  The lamb had to be perfect for it was to represent Christ.  This lamb was not chosen by the careless selection but studied by the petitioner who had to KNOW the lamb.  More than likely, it was a lamb which was carefully raised by the eventual individual who would take it’s life for their sacrifice of sin.

Christ lived among his people.  They knew this Man as a child raised among them.  They were there during His ministry.  They recognized He was perfect in his character and carried no blemish, although He was one of them.  However, He was God’s selection, the “only begotten” (unique) one God gave to man for their sacrifice of sin.

Today, we have no lamb and Christ is no longer with us; however, we are left with His Word.  His Word lives among us yet many of us do not know it.  We have not taken the time to study its pages to learn of its character and to see there is no defect in it.  Many questions are raised simply because we have not taken the time to get to know it.  Many have died, sacrificing their lives to get this Holy Book into your hands, yet you discard it as you would any other book, which it is not.  How many begin journeys not knowing the location of their destination without guidance of a map or GPS system?  Yet, you believe you will safely arrive in Heaven without utilizing the only guide given to man.  Surely, the Holy Spirit is available to man, however, Christ told us He would guide us into all truth, later establishing Thy “Word” is truth.  The “Bible” is truth and the Holy Spirit guides with it.  It brings to remembrance those things we have read.  Without having read it, what is there to bring back to remembrance?

Today is a new day, new year.  How many of you will have reached the end of this year without having completely read it?  How many of you will allow the celebration of this day to go past without opening the sacred Book, either beginning or re-establishing the journey you’re headed?  Many ask me, “Bro. Roy, where should I begin reading because it is a big book and many say we should start with the Book of John?”  I tell them, “It is no coincidence the first three words of the first chapter of the first book begins with, “In the beginning…”  The next word, “God…” and this is the ideal place to begin because it is the place where God began with you and I.  And the last word you’ll read in this book is, “Amen”, signifying, “So be it”.  It is acceptable, complete, finished.

Right in your hands whether literal book, tablet or mobile which contains the Scriptures, therefore get to know it as those ancients got to know the lamb, as those two thousand years ago got to know Christ, because it is all we have to get to know what we need to finish the journey which begins—today.


January 1, 2015


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