As I am doing my morning’s, well, today’s devotion now since morning is long past, I’ve come to the realization, all the writing, all the profound thoughts placed within words, all of the debates and conversations mean nothing unless a person know Christ for themselves.  And, the only One who can lead anyone to Christ is Christ alone.

My devotion deals with the man who was born blind and the interchange of communication between this man and Christ once his sight has been restored.  This man spoke defensively for Christ in front of the very influential men who wanted to destroy Him, Christ, as well as even destroy this man who hadn’t even seen the sun set for once in his life but now had the ability to see everything clearly.  There was nothing any so-called great man could have told him because this blind man who could now see, could see clearly who this Man was, to him.  There was no doubting—yet, he still did not know Him until later when Christ sought him after he was cast out of the assembly of the people.

It was the woman at the well and this man born blind Christ did for these two individuals what He did not do for anyone else.  He revealed Himself to them in such a way there could not be any confusion because whether they knew it or not when they woke up that morning, they would be directly in front of the God of the universe.  They would have a one-on-one with Him and the experience they’d gained would carry them forward the rest of their lives, being a witness whether by action or word, and they would often sit and think about that moment, that instant in time, when they knew they were in front of Greatness and nothing which would disturb their life would overcome that moment.

I know what that time, that moment in time, is like.  I know what it means to be face-to-face with the Creator of the universe, to be in the presence of God.  I know what it is to have dialogue, to see His work within my life, to witness what He has done to me and through me.  No matter the argument, no matter who I should ever stand in front of, I cannot be moved because of the experience had.  However, it saddens me many go through life believing, yet not experiencing.  Teaching, yet not knowing and assert themselves and have not been chosen, but do all of this because it gives them purpose and satisfaction and yet have not had that moment in time with God!  It is a frightening thought to consider.

It also helps me to be patient with them.  It helps knowing Who cared so much, for me, cares to much for them and given time and opportunity, they, too, will see as I have seen.  Those of us who see do not go forward in our lives as we did up to that point.  How can we?  No one who has ever stood on ground which our shoes (hearts) had to come off will ever be the same again.

Knowing Christ?  Yes, I’m a witness.


January 14, 2016