I don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble in keeping the Sabbath, these days, in the way I was brought up.  Now, I won’t justify it by saying perhaps my upbringing was too strict inasmuch as my current situation, being my full and own responsibility is the problem.  Sure, while under the leadership of my grandparents and parents, their threatenings were enough to keep me in line, if not my thoughts definitely my actions.  So, what’s going on with today?

For opponents of Sabbath-keeping, this is not to fuel your argument in your claims the Sabbath is no longer binding upon followers of Christ, because it is.  I’m not going backward on my own claim.  Regardless of my ability, or inability at present, it doesn’t do away with the fact today, July 2, IS the Sabbath of the Lord and thankfully is not dependent upon my ability to uphold it or not.  It does not change its requirements because of me.  This is simply an admittance there is something going on, with me, and being one who is vocal, and an exhibitionist of sorts, it means I live my life in other’s public view, often bringing comfort to others because they’re struggling with the same problem but perhaps not able to be as expressive.

So, let me ask a rhetorical question:  “What about you?”  Have you gotten to the point in your life knowing better, too?  Could it be, too, y(our) violation of the Sabbath is being justifiably explained away as, “When Sunday Legislation begins, I’ll get my act together because I know the end result by not keeping it”!  Yesterday, someone greeted me with one of those, “Happy Sabbath”.  My only response was, “Yep.”  I’ve never been one to respond to social amenities like, “Good morning/afternoon/evening” or “How are you?” or even “Hi”.  I think of them as being “hollow” although well-meaning, in polite society, to me, they’re a waste of time.  Just get to the point is what I’m after.  Or, has my attitude, experience or current situation prompted the lack of response because it is, has been of late, no longer a “happy” Sabbath, just Sabbath now?

While it is true, my growth and understanding has changed regarding certain things taken for granted and because of my desire to get away from underlying pagan influences it is no longer, “Happy New Year” but just a “new year”, since man’s reckoning of time is sort of screwed up to begin with.  Or, no longer “Happy Birthday”, but simply the “day of one’s birth”.  There is no pagan influence regarding the Sabbath, which is pure, simple and honest, but my disregard for its principles is having, no doubt about it, some indication something is up and I just haven’t arrived at the point—yet.

If you’re struggling, too, with some activity, financial matter, employment, entertainment, etc., which you KNOW violates your understanding regarding the keeping of the Sabbath, I think it is paramount to be drawing closer to the One who made it, the One who commanded its keeping because there is one thing for sure, He knew about you and your relationship to the day long before you did. Also, and this should be of comfort, He’s not disappointed in you about it.  How does one disappoint Someone who knows all things?  Because He knows does not excuse you, but it places you in a position where you’re able to get the help needed as long as you acknowledge you have a problem.

I am acknowledging my problem.  What about you?


July 2, 2016