INTERESTING FACT: Have you ever been in a courtroom, or perhaps saw a television drama which involved a courtroom where someone was being prosecuted? What was it which brought the person to the trial? In short answer: they broke the law. Now, can you imagine this person being brought to trial but there was no law to be broken? Wouldn’t be much of a trial, would it?

There are those who would have you believe, in fact, they teach we’re not under “law”. Let me explain what this means: If I’m driving down a highway and I see a policemen to the side, but I’m “within” the speed limit, although I’m under the law the law doesn’t affect me because I’m keeping to it. It is when I “break” the law I have to be worried for having been “under the law”. The same law applies to everyone. No one can break it without consequences.

You have those who will say, keeping the law is not possible. Interesting because my Bible tells me there will be those who will, “keep God’s Commandments (Law). Look at Rev. 12:17. How could the Bible tell us there are those who do it yet some will tell you it is impossible to do it? Are they right or is the Bible right?

Now, others will tell you we’re not “under the law but grace”. Let me explain what this means. Remember the policeman watching for speeders? Now, if I were speeding and he pulled me to the side and he told me I had broken the law but instead of a ticket he was giving me a warning, this is “grace”. Instead of being penalized by the law I received “grace” which meant I would be treated as if I hadn’t broken the law and given an opportunity to proceed again.

The Bible tells us we will all be judged. I believe this and you should, too; however, if there is no law, how can we be judged? What will be the standard God will use to judge us? In fact, if there is no law, there cannot be a judgment and equally if there is no law there is no need for grace! They do not work independently of each but with each other for the benefit of you and I.

The Bible says those who do not keep the law and claim to love God, they are liars. We’ve heard and seen too many liars! Let’s show our love to God by doing what He has said and given to us with regard to His Law, the 10 Commandments.


July 15, 2014


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