Most of Christendom gets it confused when it comes to understanding the difference between the Law of God (Ten Commandments) and what is considered the law of Moses, or Mosaic Law.  To understand the distinction will be the key to understanding the various dispensations and covenants, which men “think” they understand, but in most cases, do not.

The meme which is attached to this post aptly describes understandingly the differences.  Read it well.

Now, does the Sabbath fall under the “Law of God” (Ten Commandments) or the “Mosaic Law”?  Was the “Sabbath” given to man “before” his fall or “after”?  Was not the Sabbath, given to man, by God, in Genesis 2, long before we come to chapter 3?  If the Sabbath is any indication when the Law of God (Ten Commandments) were given, then it had to be certain it was “before” man fell, and not given at Mt. Sinai.

When Christ died, which law came to an end?  It certainly could not be God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, because God’s Law never ends.  It begins in eternity past and extends to eternity future; however, the laws given to Moses, (Ceremonial, Dietary & Civil” were given to all man, too!  However, there were laws which applied in the Wilderness Experience and then others given during the Promised Land experience.  Later, the missing years, about 300, between Malachi and Matthew is when many laws were made by the Pharisees and Sadducees, which convoluted God’s Law and Christ came to rectify and clean it up, and this is why we see Christ doing much of what He did on the Sabbath to correct the traditions and customs man made in order to keep the “law” in thinking it was keeping the “Law”.  Notice, when I write concerning God’s Law, the letter ‘L’ is always capitalized and is not the case when I’m referring to the Mosaic Law, except when I use it as a proper noun.

Friends, if God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, which contains the Fourth Commandment regarding the Sabbath could be altered or change, there would not have been any need for Christ to die.  Just change the Law or do away with it, and there would no longer be any sin.  That’s right!  Those who claim the Law of God has been done away has done away with the only indicator of what sin is!  No Law, no sin.  No sin, no need for grace.  Please understand, when we need grace is when we have broken the Law.  The ancient Israelites had to bring a lamb to the priest to be sacrificed.  However, now, in this new dispensation, we no longer bring a lamb, but by repentant hearts we’re given “grace” to cover our sin, because the penalty has already been paid, by what Christ did on Calvary.

Surely those who believe the Ten Commandments were against us really don’t understand what God has given us.  I love the Ten Commandments and desire to keep them because I love the Author, God—not Moses, who gave them to me, to you, and we do them because we love Him.  That’s it!

Now, you can make this as confusing, destroying what has stood for eternity and will continue to stand, God’s Ten Commandments, or you can continue believing there is no application to you, and sadly it will be what you are judged against and then come up short in the Judgment, or, you can put away your pride thinking you know truth, when you only know a part of it, and come to the realization, God’s Law, the Ten Commandments can NEVER be altered or changed or done away.  Not EVER.


February 24, 2016