After having done some reading yesterday, I have been troubled regarding the beginnings of my faith, our church, the Seventh Day Adventist.  Even in my dream last night, I dreamt one of the presidents of the conferences took a book from my hands, looked at it and gave it back to me, with a word of caution.  Interesting, this man and I grew up together and recently I had given him a word of caution!  Today, I resume my study with admittedly conflicting views and came across this quotation from Mrs. White,

“We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.”

I think this is the key to understanding and appreciating what we’ve been through as a church; however, there has to be parallels.  There have always been parallels God has used in order to let us know, let me know, I’m on the right path.  It wasn’t until a moment ago, I recognized what the parallel has been, and perhaps you will agree with me, if we look at our humble beginnings—literally, we will see the parallel which should give us encouragement and not discouragement.  Also, we have to remember who else is involved in this great movement who is trying to thwart anything good from coming out of it.

I grew up in the church from infancy and what I have heard has not been difficult to accept because it is all I know.  In my twenties, I began to question what I learned thinking it to be biased because of not being exposed to any other.  So, I left.  In my leaving I encountered other beliefs and now I had an opportunity not afforded prior to make comparisons.  I believe I have the personality to be able to discard even treasured beliefs if I see they are in error.  In this search, I returned to my roots not because they were my roots but because I could see no other way.

Now twice the age, closer to the end, with stronger beliefs I’m confronted with even stronger disillusionment.  I’m learning the early beginnings of my beliefs were begun in controversy as it was an amalgamation of many other strong beliefs, opinions and true, new light, was being shown to a people who came out of a great struggle, even a disappointment which characterizes our early years but through it all, what we, what I have today is a result of this struggle because of a few people holding on.  What followed in 1844, 1851, 1888, 1893 is the same for 2015.  Those who know the history of the Advent Movement will be familiar with the years mentioned.  While this will be a momentous time in our own history which will define us to the world, who is watching to see the outcome, just like God’s word to me has been, which now I give to you, “Just Hold On”.

While it may not always seem apparent God is leading, He is.  However, we need to remember there is someone else who’s been leading, too, many of those he’s captured, caused to remain within our churches, those tares, some knowingly and others not so obvious, whose purpose is as the “mixed multitude” who left with the Israelites when they exodus from Egypt, to cause dissention and turmoil as they were making their way to the Promised Land.  Out of the slightly over 600,000 men who left Egypt that early Sabbath morning, only two made it into that land!  One saw but two actually set foot demonstrating the conflict which ensued them, which is ensuing us as we get closer to the New Jerusalem.  My word of caution for myself and for you is a strongly worded command because what we’re going through as individuals, as a people and as a church, we haven’t seen anything—yet!

Just Hold On!


March 17, 2015


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