The Lord impressed me with a thought regarding the present condition of His remnant church.  The infighting, bitterness, separation, isolation and exclusion.  There are so many factions and divisions it is hard to believe there could be any unity at all.  Yet, there is!  But do not worry, we are definitely in that period of time called the “Sifting” or “Shaking”.  It had to occur BEFORE Christ comes and it has to occur BEFORE the 4th Angel’s Message is to take place so those who are coming from the OUTSIDE will have a proper place INSIDE before the execution of Sunday Legislation takes place.

There has been such a push, not only from the outside but within the core of Adventism.  So many have a “form of godliness” and they see it as protestations from how they were raised.  Many weren’t taught to wear jewelry now graces their body and fingers and they will look at you sideways when you say anything about their “right” to do as they see fit.  So often we hear, “Don’t judge!”  No, not judging at all, dear sister and brother, just making an observation because you’ve already judged yourself and didn’t see you were found “wanting” in the balances.

The issue about what we eat is challenged and there are protestations even within the church itself where once those potluck tables never contained meat, but now they do and you all know the excuses.  And since we’re nearing that time of the year when many of us would NEVER grace crossing the threshold of a Sunday-worshiping church, yet we welcome the pagan practices they are in keeping when we drag those trees into our living-rooms and family-rooms, along with the other pagan practice of gift receiving, oops, giving.  And just as they, those who worship on Sunday morning have their reasons, yours are exactly as they are in your explanation and protestations.

But, I advise you all to JUST HOLD ON!  Just hold on.  These things were expected to come, and now they’re here, so don’t be shaken outside thinking you are doing the right thing.

“When anyone is drawing apart from the organized body of God’s Commandment-keeping people, when he begins to weigh the church in his human scales, and begins to pronounce judgment against them, then you may know that God is not leading him. He is on the wrong track.” 1MR 355.2

When the shaking begins two things occur:  (1) Those who never had a true and full grasp of Bible and Spirit of Prophecy understanding will have been shaken out, and (2) Those who did will be fortified and will remain safe within the boundary.  So, if you think there have been broken friendships and relationships due to a simple election, wait to see what will be broken, rather, what is already broken but will be seen in its true light when the devil begins having his own election in reclaiming those of his who “think” they belong to Christ!

Now, that’s a scary thought.

What is even scarier is to hear Christ say, “I never knew you.”

And nobody else is around—but you when He said it!


November 10, 2016