Today, Sunday, December 25, 2016, I awaken and immediately looked outside.  Mostly cloudy with some sun peeking through the clouds.  Typhoon Nina’s presence won’t be felt until sometime tomorrow.  So, weather-wise, it will be just another day.  Some are gathered around the pool while some kids are playing in it. One of the benefits of living in the tropics as opposed to the bitter cold, wintry weather of the northeastern United States.  I’m glad to be here.

Leaving my bedroom and entering the main area, there are no trees with permeating evergreen fragrance.  There is no depleted bank accounts and credit cards with excessive charges.  Later in the day, while family and friends are celebrating what they refuse to accept, truth, those in this home are separating ourselves from them as a witness we will not bow the knee to Baal and definitely not going to be under the foolish notion  of witnessing to them.  Our absence in itself is conspicuous enough to be a witness.  So, for us it will be just another day.

Year after year since 1977, this day has been, “Just another day”, and for good reason, too.  As a brother stated recently on an earlier post, “It is just a ‘wondering after the beast’”, and it is.  It is so sad how the enemy has enough tricks in his bag to make sure there is an assortment of sin which other might reject, some will take ahold gladly, thinking  they’ve gotten something good.  I, like Joshua will stand against the obvious and state, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

We will not attempt and tempt the tempter to give a semblance of having anything to do with this day.  We will occupy ourselves in doing what we do every other day.  We’ll eat, entertain ourselves, as we do any other normal weekend day.  There is nothing special attached to December 25th.  There is no celebrating or remembering the birth of Christ.  It didn’t happen so why bother?  And it is for sure, I refuse to celebrate or remember who was traditionally born on this day, whom you who are celebrating and remembering this day are truly honoring and it has nothing to do with Christ.  Nothing!  You’re deceived if you think it does.  It gives you purpose and cements your deception again for another year, and that of your children, which makes it even worse.

No, it is just another day and thankfully so.  Those of us who have accepted truth and not this form of bondage can readily say, “The truth has made us free!”


December 25, 2016