There are many of you who would like to take the Bible, divide it between the “Old” and “New” Testament and make this assertion: “The ‘Old’ was for the Jewish people and spoke to them and the ‘New” is for the Christian and speaks to them.”  Rubbish!  In other words, you want to take a book, tear it right down the middle and walk away thinking you have the “whole” book!  Incredible!  How far would you have gotten in school with this kind of thinking?  Not far.  About as far as you’ve gotten in your Christian experience with such foolish ideology and I have to admit, much to your dismay, it shows, too!

There are some things you should know.  Notice I put an “equal” (=) sign between the two distinct groups for the title of this post?  There is a good reason for this, so allow me to explain:

The Old Testament writers were Jewish men who were Christian because of their belief in the Messiah.  The New Testament writers were Christian men who were Jewish because of their belief in the Messiah.

What’s the difference?  None.  When Jesus was here and He quoted from the Scriptures, which do you think He used?  Well, that’s an obvious question, isn’t it?  There was ONLY the Old Testament available to Him.  So, there is a hidden truth which needs to come to the surface:  “If you wish to fully understand the New Testament, you have to understand—fully, the Old Testament.”  So, consequently, if you do not understand the Old Testament, your understanding of the New Testament will be flawed.  How many of you if you were going to construct a building begin on the first floor?  I would hope none of you said you would.  Before you can build a first floor, you have to have laid the foundation.  The OLD Testament is the “foundation” upon which the NEW Testament is built.

When speaking regarding the Sabbath, people who walk with half a Bible will quote verses like Cols. 2:16, Gal. 4, and Rom. 14 in support of their wanting to observe Sunday as a so-called Christian day of worship.  However, if you had the foundation of Lev. 23, utilizing the WHOLE book, you wouldn’t make these kinds of simple mistakes in your religious discussion or belief!  Another point:  many will debate saying there is no Scripture where Christ demands or commands the keeping of the Sabbath (Saturday).  Tsk, tsk, there they go again walking around with half a book.  It would help if you read Mark where Jesus Himself said the “Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath”.  Okay, I’ll admit, Christ could say some things which may not readily be understood and this would qualify—again, for those walking around with half a book!  Let me put it to you this way:  “Would you agree the majority of the writers who wrote the Bible were Jewish?”  I think you would.  Now, let me ask you another question:  “Why is it I will never ask you to tell me the answer to: how much is 1 + 1?”  That’s a given, right?  Everybody knows the answer is “2”.  Duh, that’s the reason why Jewish writers don’t need to mention the Sabbath in writings because they all knew this and would find it unnecessary to write it!

When Christ told Paul to write about “grafting”, what did He say?  He said the Gentiles would be “grafted” into the tree.  What tree?  Wouldn’t that tree had been His Chosen People, the Jewish?  So, if we Christians are grafted into the Chosen People, what does that make us inherently?  JEWISH.  Our nourishment, our strength and hopefully our understanding should come from the trunk of the tree and not the leaves!  You see, no matter how important a leaf might think he is, if he detaches himself from the twig which is located on a branch which is located on a limb which is part of the trunk, well, that leaf won’t do well at all, just as many of you are not doing well in your Christian walk and understanding, either!

My friends, it helps to know your, ahem, roots!


April 1, 2015


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