There are some who are so literal they will not be able to understand, or accept this post, and this is fine, for it will expose them to truth regardless of their ability to expand their thinking.

The Holy Spirit of the Old Testament is the same Holy Spirit of the New Testament, and it is the same Holy Spirit which influences us today regardless of the means He chooses to use, even you and me.  Where some would not accept the Old Testament, they’ll accept the New Testament, and vice versa, and whereas some will never accept either the Old or New, they might accept the Spirit of Prophecy writings, and where some may not accept the SOP writings, they may accept my writings or your writings!  It is a witness regardless who gives it.  One cannot be over the other since it is by the same Spirit who has given all.  The problem is not in the Spirit, but in the presentment of the material.

Paul said it best, one has planted and another has watered, but it is by the same Spirit who giveth to all.  Also, consider this fact, there is something to be said for “contemporary peers” which gives strength and encouragement, too, even for our time.  The antediluvians had Enoch, Methuselah and Noah.  Those who came after had Abraham, Jacob and a host of others.  For our time, we have had such stellar men such as E.E. Cleveland, C.D. Brooks and who can discount the powerful message given by this short list of fine examples.  And now they’re both gone, why not you and me?  Why not?

Is it God has already given all we need and we do not have a need for continued light or the sharing of the light perhaps in a more contemporary way?  Sounds a bit like “Laodicea” to me!  As long as we live, as long as God continues to have us, He’ll continue to shed His Holy Spirit in our lives, by our pens, by our laptops, by our mouths because God cannot be contained, so why do we believe we should be?  We are growing by leaps and bounds just as the man Christ healed began leaping and bounding in the physical, many of us are leaping and bounding in the spiritual growth as the “Latter Rain” begins to drip drops upon us to offer to those in our sphere of influence.

The day when you say, “this is enough” is the day when you need to lie in a grave because you have stopped growing and anything which has stopped growing is pronounced dead.

Are you dead, and don’t know it!

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June 24, 2016